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There really isn’t the need to differentiate both but because both will result in seeded buds, depending on why and how they grow but hermaphrodites are more predictable because you will see the development of the male pollen sacs since the beginning while bananas will grow in just 1-2 days in some cases.

Remember that the earlier the bananas appear in the flowering stage, the more time they get to pollinate the buds and the more seeds your buds will have so if you have a major “nanners” problem, harvest the plants immediately or get rid of them to minimize the losses.

3. What Causes Bananas (“Nanners”)?

Even though most growers refer to all plants that grow bananas or pollen sacs as hermaphrodites, there are actually two different kinds: mixed-sex plants and mixed-sex buds. As mentioned in the table, a “true” hermie will grow the male and female parts separately while the bananas will grow in the middle of the buds as you can see in the image below.

Extremely hot or freezing cold temperatures often trigger the appearance of nanners and, with some strains, your plants might turn hermaphrodites.

Genetics is responsible for the appearance of bananas, some strains are more susceptible and others less, but in most cases, the growing conditions are what triggers them. Some strains can withstand a lot of stress and others will develop bananas as soon as they’re stressed, this is related to genetics; If you’re growing good-quality genetics, it will take at least 5-7 days under stress for the ”nanners” to appear, but if you’re growing doubtful genetics, it’s most likely that the “nanners” appear even just 1-2 days after being stressed.

Case Study C: A grower was cultivating pure Sativa genetics. The strain breeder had warned the grower about possible hermaphroditism starting in the middle of bloom phase. At 10 weeks into an expected 13-14 week bloom phase, male flowers developed.

Now let’s take a look at how to prevent and detect and hermie marijuana plants:

“Many growers have had their hearts broken growing strains that might be otherwise desirable, but have the tendency to go hermie,” explains “Paul the Pro Breeder,” who founded and runs legendary North American seed breeding consortium New420Guy Seeds.

Detect and Prevent Hermie Marijuana From Happening to You!

It helps to know exactly what you’re looking for. So take a close look at the main photo for this article of a plant 21 days into bloom phase.

Case Study A: The grower had a normal bloom phase until the last two weeks of an expected 9-week duration, when he first saw nanners in a few female buds. He saw no brown pistils or seed development. Knowing he’d be harvesting soon, he did nothing. He harvested the buds and when grading them discovered no seeds had formed.

The male and female floral structures are usually separated from each other (as shown in the photo). There’s normal female bud above; below it (sometimes separated by a stalk node or at least 1/8th inch or more distance), you see fully-developed male flowers.

The grower isolated the hermie plant in a grow tent, and plucked the male flowers off on a daily basis. He lightly sprayed the affected stalks with water, because water is known to disable pollen, not just wash it away.

-I am at the end of week 7. Do buds ever get past a point where they can no longer be pollinated or are they viable to be pollinated right up until the end of their lifespan?

Hi I have a plant that is currently at day 54 flowering, possibly a few days longer but basically I’m at the tail end of week 7 going into week 8. I am growing a SINGLE plant but its pretty huge, grown LST with a ton of large colas. Trichs are basically 100% cloudy right now so I think I’m about a week out.

-Once a plant is beginning to form seeds of ANY volume, will the remaining bud that hasn’t been pollinated continue to swell and put out trichs or will the entire plant switch into seed generation mode the minute a few buds get pollinated?

Unfortunately, its not just one or two but many nanners. I’ve been diligent in picking them off but of course, some slipped past me. I can already see some small clusters of seeds on 2-3 colas but a good number don’t yet appear to be showing signs of pollination but its honestly hard to tell as this is the same time hairs naturally go brown and calyx swell so its very hard to know whats been pollinated by looking until its too late. My gut tells me that with fans blowing around in my room, I could have had more pollination that I’m currently aware.

Here are my questions:

While I’m pretty sure I don’t have light leak issues, I’ve seen nanners appearing since around week 6. This was a bagseed so some herm traits could certainly have been genetic. This is not a true herm as it has no full male flowers, just nanners.

-Does the presence of seeds actually decrease potency in any way? Or is it mainly just an annoyance to pick them out?