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cannabis from seed to harvest reddit

I’m 22 and just discovered that thanks to this video.

Same, but growing up in Ireland in those day we mostly had hash, seeing but was rare.

I went an embarrassingly long time not knowing one smoked the buds and not so much the leaves.

I was today years old when I found out

To quote Tommy Chong, he said the leaves were for the military, man. So when they tested, they would come up negative. man. Hahahaha

To quote Tommy Chong himself, neither did anybody back then.

Leaves can be, just not as good.

I am trying to get about an ounce per bucket with 90w LED UFOs and top feed hydroton. Using buckets that are about 2.5L to keep them small.

Wondering how long from germination to harvest when doing a photoperiod on average? I normally grow autoflowers, so I don't really know if flowering early (like a space bucket probably requires) means a significantly shorter grow time or not.

Right now I am planning on using delicious seeds la diva, but I would rather grow some of the photo periods I have (world of seeds afghan kush x skunk). The thing is, I think the amount of time to grow out a photo might be a lot longer, I just don't know. Can you guys chime in?