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cannabis cup winners 2021 seeds

Our beloved OG Kush is a legendary Californian strain that, thanks to its amazing flavour and effect, was awarded 3rd place in the Indoor category of the 2015 Copa Cannamex as well as the recognition of Best Flavour of the Year 2014 by Soft Secrets in Spain.

Over the past few years, Dinafem Seeds autoflowering cannabis genetics have also reached a remarkable status, among which Cheese Autoflowering deserves a special mention for being named Best Hash Extraction at the 2014 Expogrow Cup.

One of our most highly-regarded and widely-appreciated strains is Critical +, a first-class seed that has recently been awarded 2nd place for Best Indica in the 2014 Treating Yourself Cup of Toronto-Canada, a recognition worth a really special place among the numerous prizes obtained at Copa Bitox and at THC (Valencia).

Among the many prizes received, Dinafem Seeds has repeatedly obtained success and recognition thanks to the world-renowned Original Amnesia, a favourite Sativa in Dutch coffee shops that has been awarded on several occasions at the Highlife Cup of Holland and at Expogrow (Irun).

The exotic, potent and fruity Purple Afghan Kush has proved to be willing to make a name for itself. Since its creation in 2015, and in just a few months, it has succeeded in obtaining 1st prize for Best Indica at the 2015 Expogrow Cup, 2nd prize at the 2015 Copa Mega Cata Invernal MF and 3rd prize in the Indoor Bio category of Spannabis Malaga 2015.

We are also extraordinarily proud of Blue Widow, a top-notch feminised marijuana seed selected as Best Outdoor Cannabis Seed at the 2015 Copa Cannabis in Uruguay and 3rd Best Indica strain at the 2013 Treating Yourself Cup Canada-Toronto. We cannot fail to mention our marvellous Shark Attack, a feminised cannabis strain that won 1st prize in the Indoor category of the 2015 Copa Cannabis Uruguay.

Another outstanding cannabis seed worthy of all the praise received is our Moby Dick, an incredibly potent strain named Best Sativa in various editions of THC (Valencia), at Copa del Plata and at Summer Cup Canarias. It also won 1st prize for Best Outdoor Cannabis Seed at the 2015 Copa Cannamex.

Dutch Passion were proud winners of no less than 5 cannabis cups at the 2021 Highlife Cannabis Cup. That’s the best-ever result and proof that the Dutch Passion focus on elite high THC genetics and professional breeding by qualified geneticists is the best way to produce cannabis cup winning cannabis seeds.

In the case of Dutch Passion’s 2021 Highlife cannabis cup winners, the strains took many years to perfect and represent some of the finest breeding achievements from some exceptionally skilled geneticists.

Highlife cannabis cup 2021 results

Auto Cinderella Jack was bred purely based on the THC content of the specially selected parent strains. After many generations of potency-targeted breeding, Dutch Passion found an insane THC level of 25.9%, measured by an independent laboratory.

As the oldest European cannabis cup competition, it is also the most prestigious and attracts the best cannabis seed companies. You can expect to see the better seed banks represented alongside smaller boutique breeders who can sometimes surprise with some superb genetics.

Until Auto Skywalker Haze just surpassed that with a reading of 26.2% THC, Auto Cinderella Jack had the highest THC levels ever seen on an autoflower strain. It’s no surprise that Auto Cinderella Jack won 1st Prize in the Autoflower category.