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We've got cannabis cup winners and cup winning cannabis seeds from every corner of the World, including prize winners of the famous High Times Cannabis Cup (Amsterdam, So-Cal, Denver, Nor-Cal, Michigan & Seattle), the hugely popular Cannabis Champions Cup (Spannabis), held in cheifly Barcelona & Malaga, Spain, and many more award winners and cup winning strains from cannabis competitions around the World.
The High Times Cannabis Cup is the world's most famous cannabis festival and was founded in 1988 by Steve Hager. Judges from around the world sample and vote for their favourite marijuana strains from the entries in varrying categories including best Indica, best Sativa, best hybrid, best imported hash and best Nederhash (hashhish produced in the Netherlands). There are also awards for best new product, best booth and best glass. The High Times Cannabis Cup also includes live music, educational seminars and an exposition for marijuana related products from weed oriented companies. Famous cannabis cup winners include, Green House Seed Company, Barneys Farm, DNA Genetics, Soma Seeds, Kiwi Seeds and The Big Buddha Seeds. Amsterdam had it's last and final High Times Cannabis Cup in November 2014 partly because of the changes and growing uncertainty about Dutch cannabis laws and with the availability of newly legal cannabis locations in the United States and other countries and due to the first ever police raid on the 2010 Amsterdam Cannabis Cup location.
The United States held it's first High Times Cannabis Cup in 2010 and now the famous stoners magazine holds Cannabis Cups in Northern & Sothern California, Denver, Michigan and Seatle, with more locations planned for the future. High Time is also planning Cannabis Cups in Jamaica and Spain.
The Cannabis Champions Cup is the most prestigious weed award ceremony in Spain and is held in combination with the Spannabis Hemp Fairs of Madrid, Barcelona & Malaga. There are also a number of other cannabis awards held in locations throughout Spain, both on the mainland and the islands. Our aim with the cannabis awards and cannabis cups section was to attribute all the marijuana industries known cups and awards to the appropriate strains, showing the category the award was won in, the placement (1st, 2nd, 3rd) and the year the award was won.


Instead of curating a select group of celebrity judges, Cup kits shipped to dispensaries across each state, allowing for thousands of regular degular people to share their opinions on the best their state had to offer.

California champs

Grow-Off trophies also went to the same categories for non-commercial home growers; although to sample those you may need to know a guy.

“We were really excited to do so well.” CannaSol Founder Jeremy Moberg

Originating from Colorado, The Grow-Off competition uses one cultivar to determine who can cultivate the dankest of the dank. This year, they partnered with leading breeders Cannarado to see who could grow the terpiest, stoniest, most high-quality nugs of Spritzer, a new cross between a Runtz mom and a Grape Pie x Capulator MAC dad.

In fact, there are now satellite Cannabis Cups in various states in the USA, Spain, Czech republic and Canada as well as a Medical Cannabis Cup. Even so, the annual November event in Amsterdam remains the gold standard.

If a particular strain has won an award in the Cup, that can certainly be taken as a stamp of quality. Growers around the world, both commercial and domestic, can be strongly influenced in their buying decisions by Cannabis Cup ratings.

That first year, only four growers submitted entries and only one winner was declared, the venerable Skunk #1 which was to become the basis for many of today’s modern hybrids. By the eighth year, there were “1,500 judges, 21 coffeeshops, two entries from US growers, one entry from Canada, one entry from Switzerland, and five seed companies,” as Cup founder and High Times editor Steven Hager has recalled in an article about the Cup’s development.

Winners in recent years have included Amnesia Haze, A sativa dominant strain with a well-earned reputation for its soaring high, and Tangerine Dream, a cross between the G13 and Neville’s Haze strains that offers a truly euphoric high.

The first High Times Cannabis Cup was held in November 1988 in Amsterdam, and truth be told, it bore little resemblance to the large scale jamboree that still happens every November in Holland’s picturesque capital city.

Over the years, the Cup has had a chequered history, sometimes curtailed by the actions of law enforcement, and at other times riven by rivalries and dissent among the organisers. But somehow, it’s always pulled through until it became the internationally recognised brand we know today.

At MSNL we pride ourselves on having an excellent range of strains that have finished on the podium at many of the world’s top marijuana events.