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cannabis cup indica seed winners

Some strains at Amsterdam Seed Supply have won many international prizes including more than 40 Cannabis Cups! Success has come from hard work. There are prize-winning strains that go back to 2002 and earlier, timeless quality strains that have passed the test of time and remain within the collection of every seasoned grower and connoisseur. Our multiple prize-winning strains such as Sweet Tooth, G13 Haze, Mako Haze and Ocean’s Twelve Haze are proof of the quality genetics in our cannabis seeds. The dank qualities of our marijuana seeds have been recognized multiple times by the High Times Cannabis Cup as well as the Sativa Cup, making these strains extra special.

The High Times Cannabis Cup is a cannabis institution and has a ceremony every year that prizes the best Indica and Sativa strains (Auto-flowering strains do not have a category in the Cannabis Cup) based on a blind taste test carried out by a panel of experts and cannabis legends, as well as the editors of the High Times Magazine. This means that seasoned experts approve of the genetics that Amsterdam Seed Supply has specially compiled and made available to anyone around the world through its cannabis seeds.

Prize Winning Cannabis Seeds

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Kush fan or prefer Hazes, Amsterdam Seed Supply’s seeds have prize winning genetics that are sure to satisfy your needs, when you take a look at the prize-winning cannabis strains that are available, you will realize the long line of champions that Amsterdam Seed Supply has made available may very well be the best smoke you’ve had!

A desire to help our customers keep on growing drives our passion for new strains, but our world-class genetics are also recognised by independent judges worldwide. With numerous cannabis cup wins and prestigious “Best Seed Bank” awards, growers and cannabis enthusiasts alike can’t get enough of our industry-leading seeds.

With the freshest flavours and an uplifting high, available in record time, what’s not to love about Royal Haze Automatic? This vivacious auto excels no matter the environment, leaving growers in awe of her simplicity and abundance of terpene-laden buds.

Shining Silver Haze: A Queen Without Equal

Get the very best of Cali genetics right here in Europe with our award-winning Royal Cookies strain. Fortunately, this is one princess that doesn’t need bells and whistles to produce an outstanding harvest, so expect plenty of deliciously creamy buds.

Don’t let the name fool you; Amnesia Haze is a classic from the Dutch cannabis scene you won’t want to forget. Whether it’s the expert blend of old-school genetics or the pseudo-psychedelic high, this is a strain that deserves your utmost respect.

With otherworldly levels of THC, Royal Gorilla is a cup-winning strain like no other. Not only does she dispense insane cannabinoid levels, but an incredible blend of relaxation and euphoria makes her high one of a kind. For an outstanding hybrid with a global fan base, look no further!

Perhaps the most prestigious award that can be given to a breeder after a year of investigation, research and cultivation is a Cannabis Cup. Considered the very pinnacle of achievement in the field of cannabis, numerous international events are held annually to reward the very best strains of the year.

Here at Seedsman, we have a comprehensive library of Cannabis Cup winners dating back two decades. Enjoy some of the world’s best ever seeds from Barney’s Farm (Over 40 Cannabis Cup wins), Greenhouse Seeds, Serious Seeds and Reserva Privada.