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cannabis chocolate hemp seeds

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Cannabis Chocolate & Energy Bars are a unique, sweet, and filling way to receive all the active benefits of Cannabis CBD (cannabidiol) in your daily routine.

They are 100% organic and certified products enhanced with healthy cannabis seeds from biologic Cannabis Sativa L. crops.

They do not contain THC and they have a great taste of milk or dark chocolate combined with fresh fruits, superfoods, and dried fruits that will thrill you! You can combine them in your own recipes for a rocking taste!

Country of origin: Czech Republic

Average nutritional value in 100g:

Cannadorra catalog – the most valuable information in one place

Belgian chocolate is hand-made chocolate from a famous Prague chocolatier with its factory in the very heart of the city. The delicious taste of the chocolate is completed with a mix of hemp seeds that give the chocolate a unique nut-hempish aroma and taste. 100% vegan hemp chocolate.

Here is the Cannadorra official edition catalog! We wish you a pleasant reading and hope you will enjoy the catalog made from the heart :-).

    Energy: 2320 kJ / 554 kcal