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The average person doesn’t need to be concerned about getting high from a whiff (or a few) of your secondhand cannabis smoke. The main reason for this is that people are much larger and heavier than household pets, so the small amount of “active stuff” in weed that floats around in secondhand smoke doesn’t really make an impact. But it’s a different story with pets. The smaller size of your dog or cat makes them a lot more sensitive to cannabis, making it possible for them to get high if there’s a lot of secondhand smoke wafting around.

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As a general rule, the smaller your pet, the bigger the risk of being harmed by secondhand smoke.

If you are smoking with your pets around, open the windows and don’t let your room get all sticky and stinky with your cannabis smoke. Needless to say, don’t blow smoke in Fluffy’s direction “just for fun”—this is just mean.

Like dogs, CBD oil for cats is a valid option for some; consult with your vet first.

The easiest way to administer CBD to your cat, is by mixing it through their regular food. And considering not all cats need the maximum dosage right away, start with one drop and see where it takes you. You can always give an extra drop, but can never take it back…
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Like us humans, cats are equipped with an endocannabinoid-system (ECS). A huge network of receptors throughout the body, that help regulate all sorts of bodily functions and hormones. Through the ECS, cannabinoids like THC and CBD help us and our pets balance out necessary processes in our body. Helping us fight pain, sleeping or eating disorders and mental distress for example.

So make sure your stash is safely stocked out of reach for your cat. It could easily save you from a trip to the veterinarian. Something we absolutely advise when you know your cat ingested cannabis in any form.

Weed = No Catnip

Thanks to this endocannabinoid-system, our cats – but also dogs and other mammals like horses – are therefore all able to process cannabis in the same way we do. Though that doesn’t mean they’ll enjoy the psychoactive effects of the most common cannabinoid, THC, too.

Cats love nibbling away on plants. As most cat-owners may know, some plants even give their furry pals similar effects to those we experience after consuming cannabis. When smelled, a pinch of catnip can dilate your fur ball’s pupils and have it act in all sorts of crazy ways – much like the effects of a sativa cannabis strain. After ingesting some of this weed-resembling herb, cats can even feel sedated and fall asleep. As if they’d smoked a fat indica joint, for example. Though simply replacing catnip for ‘humannip’, cannabis, will not work the same way for your cat.

On the internet, you’ll find different recommendations in terms of the right way to dose CBD in pets. For cats and other small pets, we advise to use our CBD Oil. As this is easier to dose than the 10% CBD Oil we offer on our website. For adult cats, we advise a maximum dosage of 1-2 drops, 2-3 times a day. Kittens obviously don’t need that much and therefore have a maximum of 1-2 drops total a day.

Moreover, it could even induce toxic effects in your beloved pet pal. Of course, a bite or two from a fresh and living cannabis plant won’t affect your cat too much. As the cannabinoids in fresh plants are not yet decarboxylated at this point. Meaning that THC is still in its acidic form (THCa), and therefore not psychoactive. But believe us when we say that you don’t want to see your cat high after ingesting hash, edibles or concentrates. As it will:

A whiff of Silver Haze marijuana and you’ll be reminded of the crispness of a pine forest, with grass and citrus notes that are as refreshing as they are alluring, with the tendency to linger long after the smoke has dissipated. The flavor too tends to stick around, coating the inside of your mouth and leaving an aftertaste of wood as you exhale.

Don’t be thrown off by the name. Cat Piss marijuana seeds actually provide a happy, cheerful and uplifted experience. This sativa-dominant hybrid comes with an awful smell, but it may be worth it to those who like couchlock and a good mood.

Silver Haze marijuana, proof that silver is just as precious (if not more so) than gold. A legendary marijuana strain that proves energetic and invigorating, Silver Haze is a beautiful sativa-dominant marijuana that consistantly ranks among top ten lists across North America for its smooth smoke and carefree experience.


Before you jump to any conclusions, hear us out for one second! Cat Piss marijuana seeds might sound like hell on Earth, but this sativa-dominant strain actually comes with a highly enjoyable experience. It delivers all the popular effects you’ve come to expect from a potent sativa: happiness, euphoria, creativity, and energy. It induces a strong cerebral high that’s immediately noticed after smoking.

Despite its misleading name, Cat Piss can help turn your bad day around and flip your frown upside down. In addition to happy feelings, users also note a lighter and uplifted mood. The thoughts that once annoyed or frustrated them have magically disappeared into relaxation and a carefree vibe. It’s easy to let the little things go with the help of Cat Piss.

Adored by creative types and those who aren’t, Silver Haze marijuana is a powerful cerebral experience that boosts creativty and productivty in one fell swoop. Heavily leaning on its sativa genetics, its THC content can top out at 24%, solidifying its place among the top ranked strains on the market. A perfect “wake-and-bake” strain, Silver Haze will help drive your energy and focus for a day of getting things done. Patients seeking natural alternatives to treat pain, stress, and other ailments that affect their outlook have had great success with Silver Haze, specifcally as its 10% indica genetics help to soothe and calm without leaving the body feeling heavy or sedated.

There’s one more thing we forgot to mention until now. The name Cat Piss didn’t come out of nowhere, unfortunately. Many growers are hesitant to buy Cat Piss marijuana seeds because of the slightly awful smell. Those brave enough to grow Cat Piss marijuana plants are rewarded with a strong sense of euphoria followed by a relaxing state of couchlock. These marijuana plants take approximately 8-9 weeks to flower indoors, and the nugs come with a high THC percentage.