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cannabis and fenugreek seeds

However, after eating it they complained of dizziness and asked neighbours to call a doctor and some of them even lost consciousness. The police were alerted and the family was taken to a hospital.

In a bizarre case, six members of a family in Uttar Pradesh landed in a hospital after consuming a dish laced with cannabis leaves because they were led to believe it was methi or fenugreek. After they all complained of dizziness and feeling sick, they were admitted to a local hospital for treatment. The report has since been widely circulated on social media and has received many comments.

According to local reports, one Naval Kishore gave a packet of dried cannabis leaves to Nitesh, a fellow resident of the Miyaganj village, and told him it was fenugreek. Nitesh came home with them and it was cooked with potato to make what the family thought was aloo-methi.

After being given a bunch of dried cannabis leaves as a prank, a family of six landed in hospital after all of them consumed a dish made of it.

The police realised what had happened after they found the cannabis leaves and the dish that the family had consumed in their house.The man who sold the leaves was detained and has reportedly said that he did it as a prank.

Excessive consumption of cannabis can cause an elevated heart rate which puts older people at risk of a heart attack. It can also cause anxiety and extreme psychotic reactions.

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The two leaves are quite distinct in appearance, so how did this mistake happen? According to Navbharat Times, a man named Naval Kishore of Miyaganj Village gave a packet of dry Ganja powder to a neighbor’s son Nitesh, in jest-saying that the packet contained methi leaves.

It sometimes does happen that we confuse between the different varieties of green leafy vegetables and there have been incidents when people have mistakenly consumed poisonous varieties of mushrooms. But a family from Uttar Pradesh’s Kannauj went a step ahead and made a subzee with Ganja leaves, mistaking them for fenugreek or methi.

Ganja or Bhang-both being part of the same plant have also been used in food on special occasions like Holi. But the amount added in food is negligible and hence it is well tolerated. We all have head of Bhang ke Pakode or Bhang ke Malpue or Thandhai and many have even tried them, but consuming the leaves in large quantities can actually get very dangerous and can even turn fatal.