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candyland peyote cannabis seeds

Candyland Peyote offers an intense effect thanks to its towering 22 to 26% THC levels. But make sure to take this moderately to avoid that terrible couchlock effect. It is easy to use a strain that clears your mind from unwanted negative thoughts. It is ideal for an afternoon or early evening smoke due to its relaxing effects.

Created out of the cross between Platinum Cookies and Granddaddy Purple, Candyland Peyote is so capable of giving everything you need. With 22-26% THC, she can deliver an intense effect and even a couchlock feeling in case you take a high dose. She is ideal for experienced users who still lack the required horticulture skills. She looks awesome to have that complex but affable earthy sweetness. Inhaling her thick smoke is like getting a great sip of a fruity latte.

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The Hybrid You Shouldn’t Belittle

Her flowers deliver a great THC amount that is equal to an upbeat mood, helping to eliminate the unwanted negative thoughts. It enhances your cerebral energy and creative thinking that can be advantageous in certain careers and endeavors. She doesn’t deliver that couchlock sensation, but her calming effect may cause you to be slightly lazy. You better save Candyland Peyote for late afternoon or early evening smoking. Candyland Peyote is easy to cultivate. Ideal for indoor and outdoor growing. She yields decently with proper care.

Candyland Peyote (fem) is a sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain. It is known for its heavy yields and very high THC amounts. This hybrid was created out of the union of a legendary Granddaddy Purple and a potent Platinum Cookies.

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Candyland Peyote is a hybrid feminized strain, and this means that the seeds of this plant will grow only female plants. You can forget about accidental pollination because you don’t have males or hermaphrodites in your growing area. Candyland Peyote prefers a warm and sunny climate and will flower in 8 to 10 weeks. It may only reach 80 to 120 cm height, but it will give you 400 to 650 grams per plant of yield.

The Candyland Peyote buds will have 23% THC and very minimal CBD. These are the qualities that recreational growers are looking for. When grown using SCROG or SOG methods, you can expect higher and better yields.

Candyland Peyote is a cannabis strain known for its potent recreational properties. You’ll experience extreme body and mind high, something that you’ll remember for a long time. This strain is perfect for those who want to enjoy a euphoric experience. It’s also easy to grow and thus a good first strain to cultivate in your garden.

This strain is a sativa dominant hybrid bred from blending Peyote Purple weed seeds and, the gold medalist in the 2012 KushCon, Candyland seeds (their own blend of Granddaddy Purple and platinum cookies). With THC levels hitting twenty-two to twenty-six percent, typical of its parent Candyland, this strain packs some serious punch. The exceptionally potent high is heavy-hitting and long-lasting, contributing to an upbeat mood and elevated energy levels.

This strain, although sativa dominant, grows like a sturdy indica. Its strong branches do not need support to handle the abundance of plants buds. As long as you are cautious as you care for them, you will not have to worry about branches snapping. These will do well indoors or outdoors and the relatively small size makes them a great option for indoor grow tents while also making it easy to hide from the public eye if you opt to plant them in your garden. They are photoperiod bloomers so, whether you grow inside or out, you will have to make sure they are getting a lot of intense light! The dense electric purple nuggets this plant produces shine with white trichomes that alert the user to their potency! Make sure to keep these babies well pruned to avoid the development of mold or mildew.


Though strong, this strain is well balanced. The cerebral lift will not leave you feeling jittery and then the indica parent creeps in after the mental energy boost to help your body and mind relax. It will not lock you to your couch like some other indica hybrid strains, but it will likely leave you feeling pretty lazy and is best used on a quiet day when your schedule is wide open. The thick, creamy smoke and complicated flavor profile will leave you feeling like you are sipping a fruity latte that piques your creative curiosity. Recreational users will delight in the happy mental lift and the relaxed body, while medicinal users will get the most relief when used for anxiety or inflammation.

This is a great strain for those who smoke a lot and can handle the heavy THC but are new to cultivation. The ease of growing is perfect for a novice gardener and the sturdy plant is forgiving of errors. It is tricky to find this potent strain in dispensaries, which makes it an extra awesome choice for your home grow operation. The ‘fem’ part of the name refers to feminized seeds which are seeds that will only produce female plants. Since female plants are the ones responsible for producing the dense buds that we use for smoking and eating, buying feminized ensures that you get the best yield out of your plants.

Another great option that grows into beautiful flowers with hues of purple, blue, green and pink, is Candy Kush fem. If you are looking for a stronger couch-locking indica strain, try Candy Cream fem. These purple flowers hold high sedative effects perfect for lulling their smoker into a deep sleep.