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The Original Seeds Store presents Blueberry Bliss cannabis seeds created by the breeder Homegrown Fantaseeds (See all Homegrown Fantaseeds ). is not responsible for the misuse or illegal use according to the law of each country regarding the traded products. Our online store complies with UK law.

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It is a small, hardy marijuana plant with medium-sized leaves that produces thick buds covered in resin and that takes on bluish hues if exposed to cold night temperatures. It is suitable for small indoor spaces and will benefit from the addition of 30% of coco to the soil.

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Technical data

The flavour and aroma of Blueberry Bliss Auto are pronounced, with hints of sweet fruit, blueberries and wood. It provides a powerful, long-lasting, rather physical effect.

Blueberry Bliss Auto by Vision Seeds is a cannabis seed that has its origin in the cross of a Blueberry, a White Widow, a Super Skunk and a Ruderalis.

* Cannabinoid levels (THC, CBD. ) could vary due to external factors such as the culture medium, grower’s experience, cultivation techniques (SOG, SCROG. ), environmental conditions, or genetic variation.

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Ever since this moment, Vision Seeds has been growing at an incredible rate and has gained massive popularity, especially within Europe. Their seeds have all of the best traits of some of the classic strains, whilst also maintaining an originality, thanks to a decade of hard work from the seedbanks’ breeders.