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can you get caught buying cannabis seeds online

To avoid getting your package confiscated in the mail and confidently know what kind of seeds you’re getting, you’ll want to order from a reputable US seed bank.

Busted for Buying Seeds Online — If you have questions or hesitations about buying seeds online, don’t worry – you’re not alone! Ordering seeds can be confusing, from knowing where to order from, what to order, and how.

Cultivators need to get started growing somehow, especially if their state is new to legalize. So, how are they supposed to get started? The only option to buy cannabis seeds online or pick some up from a local US seed bank. Lawmakers have acknowledged this paradox and have even admitted that the laws surrounding cannabis encourage people to break them.

How to Avoid Getting Busted for Buying Seeds Online

In reality, the chances of getting busted for ordering seeds online is meager. According to online forums, the worst that has happened after ordering seeds online is instead of receiving their seeds. They got a letter informing them that someone confiscated their package. No police ever showed up to their doors or asked them to come to the station.

At Greenpoint Seeds, we offer discrete, stealth shipping worldwide. With our reliable shipping and payment policy that accepts credit cards, cash, or bitcoin, you can confidently place orders. We offer a large selection of both femininized and regular seeds of only the best available genetics with a 90% germination rate.

Some countries sell their seeds for “souvenir” purposes to avoid some legal hurdles. You can always order seeds as a souvenir or as fishing bait or bird food from within the United States. Just make sure you know the genetics of those seeds, which brings us to the most important part of buying seeds online – always order your seeds from a reputable source to ensure quality genetics.

According to online forums, it’s almost unanimous – you can order seeds to your house using your own name and by using your credit or debit cards. There’s no need to get money orders or pre-paid cards (unless you really want to). Some hesitant folks advise using a different name on the shipping address, or shipping to a different house.

The purchase of cannabis seeds as a collector’s item or for other purposes than growing weed is generally considered legal. However, the legality of cannabis seeds is often very confusing. Many countries tolerate the use, possession and cultivation of small quantities of weed, other countries have a total ban while more and more countries are legalizing cannabis or working on it. However, cannabis seeds are a separate story in this discussion.

In Europe it’s legal to buy and sell small quantities of cannabis seeds (online). However, selling seeds in bulk to individuals isn’t allowed. Especially because selling bulk is considered an encouragement for large-scale breeding. At the same time it remains unclear where the line is drawn between small and large scale quantities. Many seed banks therefore sell seeds in small quantities.

Are cannabis seeds legal?

South Africa has a strange policy when it comes to cannabis seeds. In South Africa the purchase and sale of cannabis seeds is prohibited, but you may have cannabis seeds in your possession. Many customers therefore purchase their seeds online.

South Africa has decriminalized the use of cannabis in a private room, but there are still many questions. For example, whether you can buy cannabis seeds legally.

In France, weed seeds are legal as long as they are not used for the cultivation of a cannabis plant but residents in France can’t buy cannabis seeds in head shops. They have to buy the seeds online. are located in San Diego and Oklahoma and ship 99% of packages from the USA in 2021. ship all orders in about 2 weeks from date of payment. Payment accept ACH, ECheck, Zelle, Gpay, Digital Currency, Cash, Money Order, Checks and sometimes Paypal. You can use credit card for an extra fee via a gift card program.

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White widow is a hybrid cannabis strain from Brazilian Sativa and South Indian Indica genetics. White widow name for its frosty white appearance.white widow regular seeds flowering time 8 weeks.

There are two kinds of cannabis seeds.

Accepted payment methods include credit card, check, debit card, postal money order, cash in the mail, bank deposit, and Bitcoin.
Using Cryptocurrency or Bitcoin is a safe and secure way for purchasing cannabis seeds only. These services give you discounts and extra free seeds with your order.