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can i move cannabis seeds reorient after taproot

Cotton pads are easy but you can use bits of regular cotton wool as well.

. Never let your young sprouted seeds dry up ! .

The combination of warm and wet (aka spring conditions) “tells” the seed to start burrowing their main root (called a taproot) through their shell.

The big advantage of a propagator is the ability to regulate temperature and humidity. Water the JIFFYS well and put the marijuana seeds on top, one seed per plug.

Once you can see the little white root coming out, put the seed – with the root pointing downwards! – in the (seed and cutting) compost.

• Lights

Luckily, unlike some of the other seedling issues we’ve mentioned in this post, it is possible to remedy nutrient burn. Simply lay off the nutrients for at least one week and water your plants with plain, pH-balanced water. Once your plant starts to grow more healthy, green foliage, slowly dial the fertiliser back in.


• Humidity

When growing autoflowers, we recommend planting them directly in their final pots. Because of their short life cycle, it’s best to avoid putting autoflowering strains through any kind of unnecessary stress, including transplanting. While the exact pot size you use will vary depending on the strain you’re growing and the size of your grow space, most auto growers use pots between 5–15l.

Alternatively, use the RQS Autoflowering or Feminized Starter Kits to provide your seeds with the perfect conditions from the get-go. This kit contains starter pots filled with perlite and beneficial bacteria, as well as a propagator and lights to breathe life into your seeds. carla