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can i have cannabis seeds sent to vermont

Most Vermont home-growers purchase their seeds online. It’s important to buy from a reputable company that has been around for long enough to develop a reputation for itself. Try to get access to a wide variety of seeds or get in touch with one of their representatives for help with deciding which strain to buy.

During this stage, a small bud will appear between the plant’s main stock and its fledgling branches if the plant is female. Female plants also grow small white pistol hairs around the new buds. These hairs eventually turn orange or red.

Where to Buy Seeds

Don’t want to deal with sorting through plants and thinning an already small crop? The best solution is to buy feminized cannabis plants. Feminization is accomplished via a process known as Rodelization, which involves spraying the mother plant with a solution that makes the seeds resistant to growing into hermaphrodite plants.

Keep the seeds moist and leave them folded in the paper towel for two to seven days, checking periodically to see if a taproot has begun to form. Leave the seeds in place and continue misting them with water until the taproots are around ¾” long. They’re now ready to be planted.

Growers need to learn how to determine whether plants are male or female. They won’t be able to tell from the seeds or seedlings. Instead, they’ll have to wait until the plant enters the pre-flowering stage.

So we got to the first part of this question already, but it’s the second we should clear up once and for good:

Marijuana is still illegal at a federal level so getting things sent to you from out of state or via the USPS is a violation of federal law.

Exactly. So as we just outlined — if each of your two legal, mature, flowering marijuana plants produced 2 ounces, that would leave you with 4 ounces at your home.

You CAN use marijuana:

Like with using marijuana in public, you’re in for a hefty civil penalty if you break the new rules: It’s a fine of up to $100 your first offense, $200 for your second and $500 for all further offenses.