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california gold cannabis seeds

Amber honey . Californian Gold is a powerful hybrid with Indica dominance (80/20), and a real gift for the grower. It is easy to grow and the reward is an explosion of resinous buds.

It was during its development, when the cultivation team observed a strange phenomenon: the production of resin gives it an appearance similar to sweet honey. This plant literally oozes resin!

Californian Gold lives up to its name in terms of cultivation, whether indoors or outdoors. It is a shrubby plant, robust, with fat stems and large leaves; very pleasant to cultivate. In terms of production, aroma and flavor, this plant comes fully equipped.

Paradise Seeds research and development program has been looking for an Indica hybrid with unique qualities, and California Gold has them! With this variety, which commemorates the legalization in the Golden State, we have made a trip to the past to recover some classic Californian genetics, and add an extra to produce something very special.

Outdoors, Californian Gold will develop more successfully in hot climates, where the sun will swell these already peculiarly large buds. However, the hybrid nature of this plant makes it adapt well to the cold climates of the northern regions.

The taste has sweet citrus pungency, with tones of lemon and mango. The smoke brings clear mind effects and pleasant relaxation.

So four months have passed now and the cure is at its peak. The smell has changed and is a realllly seductive juicy sweet smell. I was not expecting this amount of flower to last this long but I'm glad I still have it. The terpene profile now has completely changed and is just so good. The effects still seem the same. Very indica. Almost entirely body but also doesn't make me sleepy. This is my new love. Great job paradise!!

Вкусы и Эффекты

The plant is easy to grow both indoor and outdoor. It develops a strong, bushy structure with strong stems and big leaves. The harvest comes after 9 weeks of flowering and brings 550 gr/m2 of big, compact, sticky buds. Warm, sunny climates are ideal for outdoor growing. The strain grows well even in the cooler climates of more northern regions.

I am so glad I have more seeds of this variety. I did not do it justice this time around. Considering that I over watered, topped/flowered to soon, wind burnt, and underfed her, she made some very lovely nugs. The fact that she didn't die, or hermie at all is a good sign this is a stable strain. The smell is strong, however, at this point at the start of curing, I find it to be like a very strong skunk with like a smokiness about it, kind of like how a glass of scotch has a smokiness to it. Paradise lists it as a fruity sweet type of strain, so I'll have to see what it's like after curing. Also the trouble I put her through may have caused a change in the terpene profile. The buds are super frosty and dense, though small, and i am very excited to try this. I must wait at least two weeks for curing to take place from today (may 5 2020).
So I couldn't wait. 11 days in the jar curing and I couldn't take it anymore. Cracking the jars a couple of times a day and just getting nailed with its perfume was to much. The smell has settled and is less smoky and more wood like with sweet but pungent skunky undertones to it. The smoke is great, nice and smooth and rich in flavour, and the high is clear, but very mellow and happy.

Californian Gold is an indica dominant cannabis strain that contains 80% indica and 20% sativa genetics. This is a strong, productive hybrid with high THC and very resinous yields.

California Gold is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that features 80% indica genetics and only 20% sativa genetics. The strain features a THC content of 18-22%, resulting in fast acting and long lasting highs. The indica-dominance shines through in the effects, contributing to a stoning, relaxing, and calming body high. These effects make California Gold an optimal smoke during the evening and night time when looking to kick back and relax. The flowers of the strain feature an interesting terpene profile that provides tastes and smells of fruit and mango.

California Gold can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Indoor plants will provide yields of around 500g/m². Outdoor plants will produce around 750g per plant and will be ready to harvest during early October.