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Effect, flavour and smell of California Indica Regular

California Indica Regular is a real joy for ganja gourmets. With its enviable genetics, our California Girl excites Orange Bud aficionados and indica fans with its allusion to old-school strains. The plentiful harvests, pleasant high and unmistakable orange flavours, rounded off with a warm hashish taste, combine to make this a popular hybrid strain.

California Indica Regular cannabis seeds are suitable for indoor cultivation, but they can also be grown outside in the open air without much additional plant care being required. Perfectly suited to the continental climate, the plants won’t be bothered by the occasional aberration or storm.

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California Indica is sold as the successor to the Orange Bud, which has its origins on the west coast of California. Since different lines of seeds were propagated over a large area, there are various phenotypes, ranging from sativas to almost pure indicas.

Our California Indica Regular combines the unmistakeable orange flavour of the Orange Bud with the robust nature and plentiful yields of an Afghan hash plant. The key facts: 35% sativa, 65% indica.

California Indica is loved for its fantastic aroma. Our breeders have done all they can to retain not just the orange hairs but also the irresistible sweet and spicy citrus aroma of the Orange Bud.

The flowering stage is relatively short at an average of 45 to 50 days, while the height gain remains nicely manageable. Although these are strong cannabis plants, pests and mould still need monitoring. The lush, fat buds need to be protected against excessive moisture and require good ventilation.

All seeds are sold as adult souvenirs only and are not intended for illegal use. We will not sell seeds if you lead us to believe that you intend to use them for any purpose other than as adult souvenirs. We will not answer any questions on the germination of seeds, the growing of Cannabis or any other grow-related questions so please do not ask. Germinating cannabis seeds is illegal in the UK (and most other countries) under the 1971 Misuse of Drugs Act – by using this website you are agreeing to comply with all local laws.

The Cali Connection is a Seed Company with one intention , to supply the world with Cali’s best genetics in seed form. The Connection is the umbrella for some of Cali’s best breeders. These breeders from SoCal to NorCal have obtained and have been growing Cali’s finest for years and look forward to providing their favorites with the rest of the world. The possibilities are endless when you have the best of the best to work with. True genetics is our mission, our meaning of true genetics is as followed.

The Cali Connection’s meaning of True Genetics: Our goal is to make sure that in every possible way we provide a seed that is true to the genetics of its mother and or hybrid or cross…