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bvest time to planbt cannabis seeds in southern california

What are the best companion plants to grow alongside Marijuana plants outdoors?

Since you’re growing outdoors, you’re going to want to think about the sunlight. If you’re growing in Southern California, your plants will likely have no shortage of access to direct sunlight. That simply means that they can get a combination of direct sunlight and indirect sunlight (shade) without having any negative effects. In fact, it could even be better, so they don’t get overheated and lose too much water.

Most marijuana plants (if they aren’t autoflowers) transition from the growing phase to the flowering phase based on the amount of sunlight and darkness they receive during the day and night. So, if you want to have the biggest plants possible, you want to plant them as early in the season as possible. This gives your plant plenty of sunlight and time to grow properly before the flowering phase starts. If you’d prefer to have a smaller plant because of space issues or to keep it discreet, planting later in the season could be the right choice for you.

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The size of your plants is going to make a difference in when you decide to start. This has to do not only with the strain you choose (and therefore the time it takes for that particular strain to go from seedling to flowering ) but also how large you want your plants to be.

What influences the size of marijuana plants?

While the strain of the plant may influence the its size, most marijuana plants’ size is determined by the amount of sunlight and darkness they receive during the day and night. Therefore, if you would love to have the biggest marijuana plants, you would want to plant them early in the season so that your plant receives plenty of sunlight and time to grow properly before the start of the flowering period.

You can also check if your plants need more water by weighing the pot since the water in the soil is not always noticeable from the top. Have a pot filled with dry soil (and no plant) next to your plant, and compare their weights. If they are similar, it’s time to water. If not, don’t water yet.

When selecting cannabis strains for your outdoor garden there are some things to consider. How big will your plants get? If you have a low fence or nosy neighbors you may not want to grow a Sativa as it can stretch to be fairly tall.

Before making any decisions on garden layout, survey your property and get a better understanding of a few factors. Walk your yard/property at different times of the day. Figure out where the sun is when it rises, where the sun is hitting your yard at its lowest point, and where the shade is going to be. Become familiar with these lighting conditions. This will allow you to decide the best locations for your plant placement.


Smell: If you have nosy neighbors or a city ordinance against odor you may not want to grow a strong smelling or “skunky” cannabis plant such as Dream Queen.

Some strains we recommend in the category of tall/stretchy plants that do well outdoors are Royal Highness bred by The Humboldt Seed Company, Sour Diesel, Chocolate Grape Diesel bred by Purple Caper Seeds, Sour Diesel Lemon Kush, Chemdawg 4, Black Jack and any of our OG strains (Hades OG, Fire OG, SFV OG, Venom OG). Keep in mind these are very tall if you have height restrictions.

Cannabis plants go through two cycles in their lifetime, the vegetative cycle and the flowering cycle. In an outdoor grow, the vegetative cycle occurs when there is more sunlight than darkness in a 24 hour day, which is why planting your cannabis plant around mid-May is best. Once you understand the time-frame for starting an outdoor cannabis garden in your area, the next step is to analyze the area where you intend to create your garden.