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buy cannabis seeds newcastle upon tyne

CBD, or cannabidiol, is the non-psychoactive, generally considered ‘medicinal’ chemical. Strains have been developed to be very high in CBD and low in THC (less than 0.2% in some cases which isn’t actually considered ‘cannabis’) for people not looking to activate their senses. It has been reported that benefits of CBD includes pain relief, anti-seizure properties, combatting anxiety and treating sleep issues. Yet there is no current medical studies to approve CBD for such and can only be considered opinion based.

Also, keep a look out for award-winning seeds. If they’ve won the High Times Cup, you simply can’t go wrong and there will be a wealth of information online about those particular strains so you’ll be in the best position when your order arrives.

How important is aroma?

It’s also good to know that the effects of CBD counteract the effects of THC, to a point, and there are many different combinations and percentage balances that have been created.

We think it’s incredibly important as aromas have the ability to be sweet and tantalising, showcasing specific traits of a seed; it’s a tease. However, it’s all down to your personal preferences as to what you go for. Some love cheese strains, other the fruity kind, or even a wicked combination of both.

As laws change over time, ensure you stay updated with the latest cannabis laws wherever you are. Just to reiterate, collect our seeds, do not germinate them. Ever.

Newcastle Skunk wasn’t yet complete, it needed a little spice and flavour instead of outright Skunk. Jack Herer ended up being the obvious choice. It added a peppery undertone that when smoked tasted very fruity and fresh. Geordie Seeds described it as “a lung full of Fruity Skunk”. Back-crossing complete, these F5 Feminised Cannabis Seeds are ready for the market.

Newcastle Skunk was bred in Newcastle so is highly adapted to colder climates and wetter weather. Initial testing shows this strain can be grown Indoor and Outdoors. It has high resistance to mould and diseases as-well as being very strong and stable, to with stand harsh winds. Indoors yield can be as high as 800 grams per square metre. Outdoor Yields are reported as up to 1000 grams per plant. Please be aware this strain will grow a lot taller outdoors. Supercropping and topping are both advised to help Newcastle Skunk reach its potential.

How does Newcastle Skunk grow?

Newcastle Skunk is a mostly Sativa dominant hybrid that yields an impressive 600 – 800 grams per metre square. Although it is Sativa dominant (70% Sativa) it does not reach great heights. It’s maximum height should be no more that 1.3 metres tall. The flowering time is a very manageable 9 weeks, however if you want knock out smoke with insane bag appeal allow an extra few weeks. You wont be disappointed this Skunk strain packs on the weight from week 4 and crystals are very quickly visible. The end product is very crystally and dripping in resin. Buds are firm and heavy with rounded tops and the bud to leaf ratio is excellent. Very little leaf as the buds are so big and bulging.

Geordie Seeds breeding process on this one involved 25 different Skunk Seed Breeders totalling over 80 different Seeds. They found all available Skunk Seeds from as many places as possible. Including Sensi Seeds, Nirvana Seeds, Mr Nice, Seedsman and many more. Also Seeds from Amsterdam, Spain and Africa were added to the list. After growing out all available Skunk Seeds they were left with 2 diamond plants. A Super Skunk from Sensi Seeds and an unknown Skunk from Amsterdam. These were then back-crossed to produce the ultimate Skunk plant.

Newcastle Skunk will also grow well in hotter Mediterranean climates as long as water levels are kept well topped up. Geordie Seeds have advised that this is a heavy feeder and requires a lot of water and nutrients to achieve maximum yields and top quality smoke.