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When you walk into a headshop, you never know what you’re going to get. How long have those seeds been there and can you really trust the vendors this shop is stocking? When you shop for auto-flowering marijuana seeds online with a seed bank like Pacific Seed Bank you’re guaranteed not only a high level of customer service but a wide variety of superior pot strains that have been lab-tested to ensure consistent viability, all in one convenient place.

Everyone’s so worried about genetically modified and genetically modified that these days but we can safely and confidently say that even though we’re offering some pretty fantastic hybrid strains, our marijuana seeds are organic, and not in the least bit genetically modified. What you see is what you get – superior quality cannabis seeds for superior quality strains.

Start your seeds off by following our test germination guide, and plant your seedlings in your preferred grow medium – soil or hydroponic being the most popular, and voila. You’re a few weeks (or months) away from high-quality marijuana, grown in the comfort of your own home.

Preservation Is Key: Storing Auto-Flowering Seeds for the Long Term

The process is simple – peruse out virtual shelves for your preferred strains (every product page is complete with a detailed description to help you make an informed purchase, but we also have support staff standing by to answer any question you may have), add it to your cart and head to checkout. Once your order has been verified and processed, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a tracking number.

What you’d call ditch weed, ruderalis evolved to thrive in the inhospitable conditions native to the mountains regions of areas like Russia, which see near constant daylight year-round. Cannabis is a photoperiod plant and it needs the duration of daylight hours to change in order for it to naturally switch from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage. Ruderalis is the little plant that could, and evolved to switch from one stage to the next when the plant reaches a certain point in development. This characteristic has proven invaluable to breeders, who’ve been able to develop potent hybrids that take advantage of the auto-flowering property without taking on any other characteristics of the ruderalis plant.

Since word started getting out that marijuana can be a viable alternative to prescription medication for pain relief, mental health disorders like stress and anxiety, and even a contender in the fight against cancer, more and more patients and physicians are open to including weed as part of treatment plans. Because supply and demand can be a tricky thing, the right for patients to grow their own cannabis at home is becoming increasingly popular, and auto-flowering pot seeds make top quality medication that much more accessible.

Store seeds in an air-tight container – like our original packaging or a sealed mason jar – and place them in a cool, dark place, like a cupboard or closet that doesn’t see a lot of use. You want to make sure that spot isn’t accessed often, and that the conditions remain as stable as possible for the duration of storage. In this way, your pot seeds can last upwards of three years.

Do you want a calming effect? Be stimulated cheerfully or creatively. Although the effects of cannabis can vary from person to person, there are generally clear differences between the types of autoflower seeds.

Most autoflowers can be grown indoors and outdoors. Unless otherwise stated.

Gorilla Glue autoflowering feminized seeds

If we present the best autoflower seeds for an outdoor grow, we cannot skip the indoor growers. So check out the top 3 with the best autoflower cannabis seeds for an indoor grow below.

Are you selling autoflowering dwarf cannabis seeds?

The flowering time indicates when harvesting can take place. Autoflowers are fast growers, so the flowering time is relatively short compared to other cannabis seeds. The average flowering time of autoflowers is between 50 and 70 days.