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How safe is it to bulk buy cannabis seeds? Find out more about bulk buy options and avoid the common pitfalls. Bulk Seed Bank Cannabis Seeds – New collection of original genetics 41 Autoflowering and 57 Feminised Strains + Exclusive New 3 CBD Strains. Buy Bulk Cannabis Seeds From Original Seeds Store (Original-SSC) With Worldwide Shipping (Inc. USA) + Choose Your Own Free Seeds During Checkout!

Buying cannabis seeds in bulk

Cannabis seed buyers tend to be split into three main groups. Many just buy their cannabis seeds as they are required for each grow. Others, perhaps the majority of growers, tend to buy a few extra seeds in order to maintain a healthy collection of spare seeds, just in case. But a minority of cannabis growers buy their cannabis seeds in bulk, hundreds and sometimes thousands of cannabis seeds at a time.

Bulk cannabis seed orders are often placed by large, licensed cannabis producers. Large cannabis seed resellers often buy cannabis seeds in bulk from several different suppliers/brands, these are sold online or via bricks-and-mortar seed shops/head shops.

The Covid 19 pandemic increased the number of bulk cannabis seed purchases. Without doubt that was partly to offset concerns about future seed supply disruptions. But what are the other reasons to buy weed seeds in bulk, what are the benefits and risks? Can you save much cash by buying cannabis seeds in bulk?

It’s important to note that bulk cannabis seed sales are not intended or required for the self-sufficient home grower. Such growers tend to need just a packet or two of seeds each year. But the increasing numbers of legal, licensed cannabis producers has created a new market for bulk cannabis seeds. Some of these growers will import several hundred (or more) cannabis seeds of each strain for large scale commercial production.

The quantity of cannabis seeds in bulk
Indoor vs outdoor bulk cannabis seeds
The price of cannabis seeds in bulk
Bulk buying cannabis seeds? Know the risks….
The quality of cannabis seeds in bulk
Where to buy cannabis seeds in bulk
Dupacan, specialist Dutch Passion support
How to store your bulk cannabis seeds
Buying cannabis seeds in bulk

The quantity of cannabis seeds in bulk

The small-scale self-sufficient grower may only grow 4-5 plants a couple of times a year. To such growers, buying 25-50 cannabis seeds at a time may feel like a bulk buy. Especially if they are used to buying packs of 5 seeds at a time.

But to commercial growers harvesting thousands of plants, buying bulk cannabis seeds in quantities of hundreds or thousands may be necessary on a routine basis. Many such growers use thousands of seeds each year for plant production, pheno hunting, research etc. To most industry professionals, bulk bought cannabis seeds infers thousands of seeds.

The good news is that some of the best seed banks are geared up towards offering bulk sales in varying purchase quantities. Buying bulk cannabis seeds will mean discounted prices. But not all bulk cannabis seed sellers offer the same quality. One of the biggest risks with bulk seed purchases is avoiding the low-quality seed vendors and low performance genetics.

Indoor vs outdoor bulk cannabis seeds

Bulk cannabis seed buyers are split into two main categories – indoor and and outdoor growers. In countries with warm outdoor regions such as USA, Australia etc many large commercial growers prefer to grow outdoors or in greenhouses. This allows significant cost savings with less reliance on indoor lighting and expensive indoor grow rooms.

Many such outdoor growers carefully select their bulk cannabis seed purchases to ensure compatibility with their local climate. Companies such as Dutch Passion are happy to meet such growers and discuss their specific outdoor genetics in detail. Factors such as the length of the grow season, local temperatures/humidity through the season etc all have an impact on the final seed selection. Some outdoor growers prefer to grow photoperiod feminised cannabis seeds. Many prefer the speed and convenience of autoflower seeds.

Indoor growers often have greater control of their grow environment than outdoor growers, able to dial in all parameters from lighting levels, temperatures, humidity and even pest control. With a wider choice of cannabis seeds and strains available, the indoor grower has some great options even if the cost of growing may be higher than outdoor/greenhouse growing.

Buying bulk cannabis seeds for indoor growing

Indoor growers can produce the best quality and cannabinoid levels assuming they have full control over their environment and have bought the best technology, e.g. LED grow lights, and invested in experienced staff. Most indoor growers aim for the highest THC levels alongside heavy yields. A sizeable minority of indoor growers also grow cannabis seeds rich in CBD and other special cannabinoids such as THCV, CBDV, CBG etc. These are proving of increased interest to medical marijuana users and pharmaceutical companies.

Dutch Passion special cannabinoid cannabis seed collection

With full control of the indoor environment, just about all cannabis genetics can be grown indoors from fast, compact indica strains to stretchy longer blooming sativa seeds. These days, feminised seeds and autoflower seeds are equally popular with indoor growers and account for the majority of bulk cannabis seed purchases. Regular cannabis seeds tend to be a niche market for old school growers. But it’s worth adding that some licensed legal growers do make bulk regular seed purchases for some of their own breeding experiments.

If you are buying bulk cannabis seeds for indoor (or outdoor) growing then Dutch Passion are unusual in that they can supply seeds with Dutch Government-approved Phytosanitary Certificates to guarantee that the seeds are free of pests and disease. Phytosanitary certificates are often mandatory when bulk buying cannabis seeds for legal grows, Dutch Passion have supplied such certificates to indoor (and outdoor) growers all around the world.

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Buying bulk cannabis seeds for outdoor growing

Outdoor growers enjoy using the sun as their primary light source, saving large amounts of cash over indoor growers who have to buy and power their indoor lights. If you grow in a good/stable outdoor climate then the cost savings may justify the occasional risks associated with adverse outdoor weather.

Often, but not always, outdoor growers will use poly tunnels or large commercial greenhouses to protect their plants from the worst of the weather. The strain will be selected to ensure that it is robust enough to cope with the local climate at that latitude as well as being able to ripen before the cooler late-season weather arrives.

Feminised seeds tend to deliver the heaviest harvests, but autoflower seeds can allow multiple successive harvests in the same grow season. Often growers will have hundreds or even thousands of plants. This requires bulk cannabis seed purchases of thousands of seeds at a time.

With so many plants, the cannabis genetics are vitally important. Buy the wrong outdoor bulk cannabis seeds and your plants may be completely incompatible with the climate. Outdoor growers need genetics that have been selectively bred over many generations to be weather resistant, dependable and able to tolerate sub-optimised conditions.

If you are bulk buying outdoor cannabis seeds it helps to deal with companies that can boast several years experience supplying to licensed outdoor growers.

The price of cannabis seeds in bulk

The main advantage of bulk buying cannabis seeds is the price saving. This will vary depending on purchase size. The cost of 10 premium quality feminised cannabis seeds is typically in the range of €/£/$100, or around €/£/$10 per seed. However, if you buy cannabis seeds in bulk (thousands of seeds) you may be paying a lot less, below half those prices and maybe much lower.

The cost savings come since the seed supplier is creating just a single shipment of several thousand seeds rather than hundreds of smaller orders. Administration/packaging costs are a fraction of those when fulfilling a bulk cannabis seed order.

However, it’s worth adding that the actual cost savings will vary from supplier to supplier. Some here-today gone-tomorrow seed companies specialise in supplying low-cost, low-quality bulk cannabis seeds. These are popular with lower quality seed resellers who buy them, re-label as their own creation and try to sell at high prices.

Other companies specialise in pioneering high quality cannabis genetics, these cannabis seed suppliers tend to be the ones that survive into the long term.

Bulk buying cannabis seeds? Know the risks….

The old phrase, ‘buyer beware’ is just as important when buying bulk cannabis seeds as it is in with any other purchase. Judgement can be clouded by cheap prices, if something sounds too cheap to be true then perhaps you are correct to be cautious.

Remember that the best growers in the world cannot produce high THC harvests from low quality cannabis seeds. Low quality cannabis seeds permanently damage reputations.

There have even been confirmed cases of people selling ultra-low THC hemp seeds (very cheap to buy and may look similar to cannabis seeds) and selling them as cannabis seeds. Imagine spending thousands of Euros/Pounds or Dollars on completely useless bulk cannabis seeds which are actually hemp!

Always remember that the premium quality cannabis seed producers rely heavily on genetic consistency and the best will use systematic laboratory cannabinoid/terpene testing at each stage of the seed production process to ensure that standards are correctly maintained. The top seed suppliers also rely heavily on their reputation, they simply can’t afford to sell low quality genetics.

The quality of cannabis seeds in bulk

It’s crucial to understand the wide discrepancies in standards between an established quality cannabis seed supplier vs a low-end supplier that buys the cheapest wholesale seeds available, re-brands them and sells them on at inflated prices with a fancy new strain name and description.

Cannabis seeds really are not a commodity, quality between the best and worst suppliers has always varied tremendously. Even high-priced cannabis seeds are not necessarily a guarantee of quality. The main guide for any potential seed buyer is the reputation of the seed company and the accuracy of their product descriptions.

Has your seed supplier stood the test of time over a few decades? Have they collected plenty of cannabis cups along the way and established a good reputation?

Those that bulk buy thousands of cannabis seeds prefer to buy them from the same companies which have established the best reputations with self-sufficient home growers. Even a small home grower senses an element of risk when buying unknown cannabis seeds from an unproven supplier. Large, licensed cannabis producers simply can’t afford to take such risks when their business depends on the quality of the genetics they grow.

Pros and Cons of high-quality bulk cannabis seeds

Pros Cons
Proven stable genetics Expensive
Proven potency (lab tested)
Heavy yields
Predictable cannabinoid & terpene profiles
Professionally selected genetics, disease resistant

Pros and Cons of low-quality bulk cannabis seeds

Pros Cons
Cheap and easy to source Amateur genetic selection and breeding principles
No lab testing during breeding or seed production – inconsistency guaranteed
Yields likely to be average
THC/cannabinoid levels likely to be average at best
Genetics may be prone to disease or slow growth
Terpene profile will have had no thought, limited bag appeal
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Where to buy cannabis seeds in bulk

If you’re looking to set up a large, legal grow facility and need a dependable source of high-performance cannabis seeds you should consider sending a mail to [email protected] and ask for wholesale pricing and discussions.

Note that Dutch Passion are one of the very few suppliers able to supply formal Dutch Government issued Phytosanitary certificates which guarantee the cannabis seeds are professionally produced and free of pests/disease. For that reason, Dutch Passion have been involved with many/most of the legal licensed producers around the world. It’s worth adding that the legal requirements to export bulk purchased cannabis seeds are demanding.

As well as the official Phytosanitary certificates from the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs Dutch Passion are also able to supply certificates explaining the origin of the seeds (‘Certificate Of Origin’) and can deal quickly with Import Permits for many countries including USA, Canada, Chile, China, Germany, Lesotho, Macedonia, New Zealand, Thailand, Uganda and others. If your company is serious about bulk buying cannabis seeds, then the following link shows you all the details.

Dutch Passion legal documents supplied to legal bulk buyers of cannabis seeds

Most of the bulk cannabis seeds sold by Dutch Passion are feminised seeds or autoflower seeds. But quite a number of licensed growers also like to buy regular cannabis seeds for potential use in breeding projects or mother-plant identification.

Proven high-quality cannabis seed genetics
With a presence in the cannabis seed business since the 1980’s and plenty of cannabis cups in the meantime you are assured you are buying the finest quality seeds from a proven supplier. What’s more, Dutch Passion are highly experienced supplying cannabis cup winning bulk cannabis seeds for some of the world’s biggest cannabis producers.

Complete list of cannabis cup winning strains from Dutch Passion

Trusted cannabis seeds for professionals and online shops
Did you know that Dutch Passion were the original inventors of feminised cannabis seeds? Before that only regular cannabis seeds were available. The availability of feminised seeds revolutionised cannabis cultivation and changed cannabis seed buying habits forever. Dutch Passion have been trusted since the 1980’s to supply fine quality cannabis seeds to both home growers as well as bulk buyers.

Dutch Passion win first High Times Dutch Masters award for cannabis seed excellence

More recently Dutch Passion have been the trusted partner to many of the first licensed cannabis producers around the world. Often these professional cannabis producers will bulk buy their cannabis seeds and often hire Dutch Passion to advise and consult on their finer details of their cultivation plans.

Thailand choose Dutch Passion for their first licensed medical cannabis grows

Fast and secure stealth shipping around the world
Whether you’re a quality-focussed self-sufficient home grower or a cannabis seed bulk buying licensed producer you can expect the same high-quality genetics and fast, secure shipping. Dutch Passion ship to many locations around the world and can offer rapid shipping with all the necessary paperwork and permits. In the unlikely event of any issues with delivery, you can count on our highly experienced and unflappable customer service team to back you up.

Dutch Passion were one of the original Dutch cannabis seed suppliers, founded in 1987. The original focus remains the same, to supply growers with the finest cannabis seeds. In recent years Dutch Passion have led R&D on new cannabis genetics, ensuring they were first to market with the world’s first strains rich in special cannabinoids such as THCV, CBDV, CBG and others.

Dupacan, specialist Dutch Passion support for cannabis seed bulk buyers

Dutch Passion began in the 1980’s supplying fine quality cannabis seeds predominantly to home growers who often needed to buy just a few packs per year. In recent years, and particularly since the expansion of legalised cannabis in North America (and elsewhere in the world), Dutch Passion have become one of the main cannabis seed suppliers to the large licensed producers who buy their cannabis seeds in bulk.

As the world of legal cannabis producers has grown, Dutch Passion have set up a dedicated business to serve the bigger organisations that grow cannabis in bulk, and bulk buy their cannabis seeds. This company is known as Dupacan, from the words Dutch Passion cannabis.

Check out Dupacan.com, our dedicated website for licensed cannabis producers

How to store your bulk cannabis seeds

The type of grower that actually needs to bulk buy cannabis seeds (large, licensed, legal producers) tends to use all the seeds fairly quickly. This contrasts with the typical home grower who only needs a packet of seeds or two each year and will store any unused seeds in their fridge for the following years.

Often home growers will slowly build up a collection of their favourite cannabis seeds and store them in the fridge, where they will remain viable for a decade or maybe longer.

However, it should be noted that cannabis seed viability tends to decrease as seeds get older, especially when left unrefrigerated. If you do struggle to germinate cannabis seeds the following fully proven method should help, even if the seeds are old! It’s the best cannabis seed germination method that Dutch Passion have found over the decades.

Best way to germinate cannabis seeds – the cotton pad method

In general a good way to store any cannabis seeds is in the fridge. The low temperatures help maintain seed viability for many years. Cannabis seed companies may also use low temperature freezers for very long-term storage of special genetics.

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Seeds can remain viable for decades in a freezer but must be handled with extreme care since the delicate internal seed contents can shatter if roughly handled.

Buying cannabis seeds in bulk

If you’re buying cannabis seeds in bulk, you can’t afford to take any chances. A bad harvest that involves hundreds (or thousands) of plants can be enough to bankrupt a licensed cannabis producer. Dealing with the best suppliers may not get you the cheapest bulk cannabis seeds, but you will get guaranteed genetics that can be relied on to build your business. If you need to bulk buy cannabis seeds drop us a line at [email protected] .

Bulk Weed Seeds

11 Exclusive Anniversary Strains.


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Selected 1st quality cannabis genetics of certified and known origin, chosen by the Bulk Seed Bank specialists with many years of experience.


Safely packaged in a controlled atmosphere and stored at optimum temperatures, all seeds are kept inside transparent glass tubes with styrofoam protection.


All packages are shipped discreetly and processed the same day. You can also choose the fast UPS Express shipping and receive it in 1-3 days.


At Bulk Seed Bank we have the most reliable, potent and successful cannabis strains, offering a wide range of Sativa, Indica and Autoflowering seeds. All our products are bred from the highest-quality plants for optimum potency and aroma. We select our plants with expertise and choose only the ones that are highly suited for medicinal use, while striving for customer satisfaction. We focus and specialise in selective breeding of the worlds most famous strains. Our focus is to take popular and award winning genetics and improve them as best we can, focusing on both THC and CBD levels, medicinal values, visual appearance, taste, aroma and potency. All of our cannabis seeds are produced using only natural organic nutrients. We are confident that our seeds are of the highest quality.

Our mission is to provide high quality cannabis genetics at reasonable prices. The aim of our business is to help preserve cannabis genetics for future generations through the sale of souvenir cannabis seeds. Prohibition of cannabis in certain countries could lead to the extinction of some strains with the possible loss of medical, food and scientific resources. The more of us that collect souvenir seeds the more of a genetic base we will have to work from at a time when the growing of cannabis becomes legal again. As is the case with all plants, the more genetic examples we have the better the defence again pests and disease so we are constantly looking for new strains to add to our seed bank. The information provided for the strains we sell gives the genetic preservationist the knowledge he/she needs about the strain being preserved and is also available for those who live in countries where it is legal to grow cannabis.

Bulk Seed Bank seeds are the best combination of Strength, Power, Quality and Yield. All our original genetics are fresh, fully stabilised and regularly checked. Our selection is a process from the world’s best beating strains. All seeds are hand selected to ensure maturity and viability. Seeds are organically grown under strictly controlled conditions. A collection of 57 Feminised, 41 Autoflowering and 3 CBD cannabis seeds, totaling 101 original strains. We sell our seeds as a collectable adult (18+) souvenir.

Bulk Cannabis Seeds

Top branded cannabis seeds available to buy in bulk in pack sizes up to 500. Bulk cannabis seeds for this range are chosen specifically for their high performance and popularity for those who like to grow big. Original Seeds Store can offer the best marijuana seeds for sale online at the cheapest possible prices without compromising on quality. We ship bulk seeds worldwide with quick delivery to US and Canada and fast tracked shipping to UK and Europe. For those looking for larger pack sizes or a specific strains not listed please contact us via [email protected]

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Best Selling Bulk Cannabis Seeds

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