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bulk outdoor cannabis seeds

Without exception all strains from our assortment can be grown in outdoor where all necessary conditions provides nature. The main thing is to find the most suitable hybrid that will have time to ripen in your climate. For northern latitudes with short summer we recommend autoflowering strains and hybrids with the shortest flowering period, 6-7 weeks . For latitudes, where weather in October remains warm and stable, we recommend feminized strains. Thus if warm climate is saved in your region longer, then you may grow plants with a longer flowering period .

An incredible range of Feminised and Auto Feminised Seeds from Cannabis Seeds Store featuring well-known genetics including Auto Amnesia and Stardawg.
The Bulk Cannabis Seed packs offer great value for money for customers looking to quickly expand their collection. Packs of 100 Feminised and Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds are priced from £100.00

Now available – 100 Seed Bulk Pack American Strains:
Auto Girl Scout Cookies Auto Gorilla Glue Bruce Banner Chemdawg Gelato Girl Scout Cookies Gorilla Glue Gorilla Zkittlez Granddaddy Purple Purple Urkle Sherbet Sour Diesel Stardawg Zkittlez

We have a impressive range of the most commercial autoflowering and feminised cannabis strains : Northern light, Black Domina, White Widow, Og Kush, Amnesia, Nyc Diesel, Skunk, Blueberry and many more classic strains. Also, you will find some many goods hybrids from quality cannabis seeds banks in bulk : Afghan kush x Black domina, Afghan kush special, Lavender x Critical, Northern light x Super Skunk or Critical x White Widow.

Buy the best cannabis seeds in Bulk at wholesale prices in UK and Ireland. All our bulk cannabis seeds are feminized, so no worries about any males in your grow tent. Our bulk cannabis seeds can be bought in 100 units package. These seeds are high quality product so don’t worry about the germination rate or the yield.

Because the quality is the same, and you can keep the seeds for a close futur. You can also share with friends. All genetics is closely adapted for growing outdoor and indoor with artificial light like Hps lamps or cfl.

Buy Bulk feminized cannabis seeds