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Paddyseeds accepts payments with Visa and Mastercard. We will receive the payment immediatly, so we will be able to send your order in a short time.

Depending of your bank, transactions are secured by Verified by Visa and 3D Secured. Verified by Visa gives you extra protection and peace of mind when you’re shopping online.

The costs for Gorilla seeds are excellent, even without taking into account the free seeds you get as part of each order and the free delivery they offer. They sell high quality and most popular seeds at costs that are up to 30% lower than that of authentic growers. Pay them with bitcoin, debit or credit, cash or wire transfers, and you’ll be ready to have your marijuana seeds right at home.

Payments over the internet are very common these days. People pay almost everything through online payment systems. Hence, marijuana seeds are no exception.

Interpretations of legal guidelines have also changed over the years. Interpret legal guidelines to indicate that cannabis seeds are legal, provided they are not sprouted. This lack of germination is key.

How to Know Your Cannabis Seeds are Real

Seed Supreme offers all marijuana seeds to many well-known breeders around the world, offering their seeds at very low prices and reasonable prices. This seed bank that ships to the United States are relatively new, established in 2013 in England and has since provided the world the first best marijuana seed in the business.

AMS Seed Bank is an Amsterdam based company founded in 2002. One of the excellent seed banks that ship high-quality cannabis seeds worldwide. They have gathered several experiences in germination and strain genetics; you could get lots of exclusive kinds of strains on their website.

The company does not have a free shipping policy, the least expensive delivery choice is around ten dollars However, there are 31 unique varieties to choose from, all with an excellent germination rate of 80% or more. If your seeds fail to germinate, the company will resend you new seeds.

A: In parts of the United States, there is a huge thriving cannabis market, and American breeders are growing world-famous cannabis strains. The issue has to do with the US federal government and the current legal status of cannabis. Marijuana and its derivatives (including seeds) are counted as a Schedule 1 drug with little or no legal use, making it difficult, if not impossible, for a seed bank to operate in the United States, as it does in the United States, the Netherlands, Spain or Canada (which have legal loopholes or full legalization).

When shipping outside European Union, import taxes, if appliable, must be cleared by consignee. Barney's Farm won't be responsible for any surcharge on your delivery.

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