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bubblegum auto cannabis seeds

The Bubblegum Automatic smells so good that you will be smiling before you even light up. With its calming effect and incredible taste, it is a very satisfying strain of cannabis to consume.

This is a good looking strain, short and fairly compact with the classic hybrid structure. Leaves are long and broad and take on a red hue later in flowering. This is also when the flowers start to whiten as THC forms. Whilst renowned for its flavour, the aroma of this strain also doesn’t disappoint. The sweet Bubblegum fragrance is distinctive during each growing phase, mixed with some earthy and fruity notes.

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Strain Effects

Originally hailing from North East United States and refined in the Netherlands, this is the autoflowering version of the world renowned Bubblegum. The original strain has been crossed with a superior ruderalis from MSNL’s own private collection to create this super tasty, hybrid auto strain. The amazingly sweet Bubblegum tang and aroma have been maintained by our breeders, all while retaining its potency. The usual THC levels range from 10%-14%, but have been recorded as high as 20%+.

The short structure of our Bubblegum Automatic plant makes it the perfect choice those of you with limited space or who are looking to fill space in a bigger set up. The plant has increased hardiness and the time from seed to finishing is 60 days, making it versatile choice for all types of grower.

The Bubblegum stone is a full body high that lifts your overall mood. You’ll experience a general feeling of happiness or euphoria, and an increase in creativity. As your body starts to relax, a deeper body stone is commonly reported. This strain is often used by people experiencing stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, pain and eating disorders to ease symptoms.

The sweet Bubblegum scent will get you excited to give the Bubblegum Automatic a taste. Once inhaled you will continue to experience the sugary and berry flavour of bubblegum, along with an earthy deliciousness. Not only will the pleasant effects have you coming back, but so will the delicious taste. It is unsurprising that many people who have tried this strain consider it one of the most delicious strains available.

Its effect is powerful and it is a medicinal strain with general applications.

Auto Bubble Gum grows to a height of between 80 – 130 cm. with outdoor plants nearer the top of the range. It grows well indoors as well as outdoors. Indoor yields are in the range 450 – 500 gr/m 2 in 60 – 70 days from germination. Resin production is high and the dried buds have a delicious flavour of strawberries and red fruits.

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Auto Bubble Gum is the product of crossing the sweetest and most pungent auto-flowering indica plants that 00 Seeds possesses. Its 12% THC and high CBD production makes this a potent medicinal strain.

Having taken the decision to remain a relatively anonymous company, 00 Seeds have slowly gained popularity, not through their words and promises but through the potency and quality of their solely indica strains. This Spanish breeder specializes in Auto and feminised seeds, focusing on strong, unique flavors and aromas while maintaining a classic line of strains. Buy 00 Seeds from Seedsman today.