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bruce banner x carmen cannabis seeds

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Dr Bruce Banner CBD: Potent, Huge Plant with Larger Yields!

Dr Bruce Banner CBD is a high-CBD cannabis strain bred by Original Sensible Seeds. Resulting from a cross between the highly potent Bruce Banner #3 and Carmen, this feminized strain boasts 1:1 THC:CBD ration and a fantastic terpene profile. Bringing in as much as 500 g/m2 in less than 70 days of flower, Dr Bruce Banner CBD is an amazing medical strain.

Having a very high CBD content is only one of the reasons Dr Bruce Banner CBD is loved by cannabis connoisseurs – this feminized strain has a short flowering period, a heavy yield and excellent resistance to stress.

Growing Dr Bruce Banner CBD is very straightforward as her growth pattern is very similar to that of her high-THC parent – a tall, multiple branch plant with large, dense flowers. Due to her long, flexible branches, Dr Bruce Banner CBD would make an excellent candidate for SCRoG growing to maximise the quality and quantity of your harvest. Indoor yields for this strain are 450 – 500 g/m 2 while outdoor growers can bring in as much as 600 g/ plant when harvesting in mid-October. Here is some further inf0romation to help you grow this strain:

One of the many traits that bring this strain into the limelight is the fact these beauties are born from Fem Seeds. As you sift through our site selection, you will notice that each strain has reg or fem in its name. Regular seeds are seeds that generate a mix of male and female plants. Male plants growing alongside females will pollinate and create yields of seeds for future grow ops. If you want your females to grow the big, sticky buds they are capable of producing, you need to weed out the males before they have a chance to spread the dusting of pollen. If, however, you purchase feminized seeds, they are sure to grow into female plants with no need to monitor or weed out the males. This makes this strain an ideal option for beginners because it eradicates the extra attention and effort in the early stages of your home grow. Try Bruce Banner Reg if you want a plant for seed production that holds similar genetics.

Selecting these Hybrid Seeds allows you to experience the electrifying effects of a sativa with the subdued, calm qualities of an indica all with one toke. This particular strain offers large yields of giant, resin-rich nugs with minimal cultivation requirements. It is a perfect option for the novice. It delivers this balanced high on delightfully flavored smoke, making this well-loved by growers and tokers alike. The long list of therapeutic benefits contributes to a deeply respected position in the medical community as well. You can buy Carmen Banner Photo Fem seeds online in the USA from weed Seeds and get started on adding this well-rounded herb to your home grown stash today.

Carmen x Banner Feminized Medicinal Application

Weed Seeds is an online seed bank for all of your marijuana needs. We have about 450 different strain options, each with a detailed description to help you find your ideal strains. We have 710 seeds that are feminized, regular, photoperiod, and auto-flowering all with different growing requirements. There are countless indica options to help you unwind and fall into a deep sleep or sativa dominant strains that can energize you better than a cup of coffee in the morning. There are high THC Seeds that will send you into a psychedelic, euphoric trip or CBD heavy options that will provide all the medicinal benefits without the soaring cerebral high. Try the parent strains, Bruce Banner and Carmen 2 0 Fem on their own, or buy carmen banner Photoperiod Feminized online through our comprehensive online shop at Weed Seeds!

The delicious, impactful, Carmen Banner Photo Fem is just one of the many pure, quality strains available to buy online through Weed Seeds. We not only provide tons of information on the specific traits of each 420 option, but we also have a blog that provides a bunch of insight into a variety of topics related to growing your new chronic seeds. There is helpful information on which are the best growing mediums, equipment, and techniques. There are posts on common growing mistakes and on how to create a setup on any budget. If you are still left with questions, you can contact us for extra guidance. We want your home grow op to be a fun and fruitful journey!

Despite the remarkably high THC content in Carmen Banner, the stone is uncharacteristically balanced and mellow. You can expect a focused mind brimming with creative potential. This is the ideal strain to cultivate hours of focused motivation and productivity. Deep relaxation will overtake the body and mind eradicating mental stress and muscle tension. You can bring this serene quality to all of your tasks especially in the daytime as it allows you the calm, steady attention to tackle almost anything! The adverse effects are commonly limited to dry eyes and mouth, both of which can be managed by simply drinking lots of fluids throughout your session. Overindulging has the potential to create dizziness and paranoia but starting slow with gentle sips of the rich smoke will likely keep these at bay.