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blueberry x jack herer auto cannabis seeds

Genetics: Ruderalis x Jack Herer x Blueberry

Jack Herer Blueberry Automatic is quite well balanced between Indica and Sativa with around 60% Indica approximately. This strain offers a very calming effect when smoked with your body completely chilled with your mind felling positive and euphoric. Jack Herer Blueberry Automatic generally has a THC Content around 15-20% which is reasonable but will not kick you too hard. Still its not one to be underestimated as it does have a good level of strength.

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CBD Content: under 1%

Jack Herer Blueberry Automatic is a modern day masterpiece created by combining two old school classics.

THC Content: 16-20%


The Blueberry x Jack Herer is on the lower end of harvest weight so do not expect yields similar to a Haze strain our Power Plant.You will actually do well if when growing these you harvest about 0.8oz per square foot. Which is more then a Lowryder but not a ton.

Homegrown Cannabis Co.'s Blueberry x Jack Herer Auto (Seed) by Ganja Gary

I actually bought this strain because I loved the colors and was going to attempt my first cold shock. I didn’t get to do the cold shock, but the coloring doesn’t effect that plant just cosmetic, but it looks so cool!

Post Grow:

Now some people might have already started running for the door the words “light stressed”, and “lower end harvest”, BUT the pros make up for the cons!