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Blueberry was the beginning of a beautiful trend in cannabis hybridisation. It all began stateside back in the day; somewhere in California, sometime during the 70’s with the crossing of diverse landrace genetics. It took three pedigree strains and decades of highly selective breeding to bring about the Blueberry we all know and love today. Highland Thai, Purple Thai and Afghani genetics had never before been mixed.

This was not just the genesis of the Blue family, it was a huge leap forward for indoor growers everywhere. Throughout the 80’s and 90’s, sativa plants were ruthlessly hybridised with indica breeding stock. Unfortunately, the price of the rapid advancement of indoor cultivation was the loss of pure sativa strains. The success of indica-sativa hybrids changed cannabis culture permanently.


A sweet, fruity, blueberry aroma and flavour has made Blueberry a cannabis iconoclast. Her growth characteristics are that of a “stretch indica.” Her buds are dense and frosty, however, internodal spacing can be quite elongated during bloom. She will produce an abundance of tight flower clusters, rather than looser, long-running colas.

Blue Cheese is a gourmet cannabis hybrid of perhaps the most flavoursome dank duo on the planet. None other than the infamous UK Cheese and original Blueberry could produce such a unique hybrid. This one is a real treat for the palate. A complex blend of berries and musky, earthy Cheese perfumes the air and leaves a pleasant after taste on the exhale. Heavy body effects will kick in after just a few tasty tokes.

Lovers of White and Blue strains get ready to smile. Fruit Spirit is the gooey cannabis cocktail of your dreams. This hybrid gives you mouth-watering Blueberry flavour and the copious resin production of Dutch Coffeeshop favourite White Widow – all in one seriously frosty and compact package! Don’t be fooled by her looks. She is a sativa in disguise. Fruit Spirit might also surprise you with h er cerebral high, which is pleasantly uplifting. Real mood-booster weed.

Discount Auto Blueberry female seeds produce a Short sized cannabis plant with a High (15-20%) THC content, Autoflowering genetics and a flowering time of 9-10 weeks from seed. Auto Blueberry female seeds has a genetic makeup of Blueberry x Lowryder and has an effect described by the breeder as ‘Relaxing, narcotic’. Buy Discount Auto Blueberry female seeds at the lowest price online now!

Auto Flowering seeds

Auto Flowering seeds

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Over the years Blueberry weed seeds have become infamous for their superior sweet juicy flavour and their sensational euphoric effect that seems to go on forever. The Purple hues that come off this little lady, even when temperatures stay warm, offer sensational bag appeal to commercial growers and connoisseurs. While, with a strong indica dominance, these little beauties are also terrific for offering full body relaxation, making them perfect to relieve pain, stress and nausea for medical users. High THC levels and vigorous growth patterns also ensure no recreational smoker should ever ignore this strain. Just take a look at the full range of Blueberry Seeds from Original Sensible Seeds and discover a combination of pure bred strains along with some incredible hybrids that make the most out of these beautiful genetics. Thick bushy plants never grow too high, making Blueberry seeds perfect for growing weed indoors, and she is perfect for SCROG or SOG set ups too. This is high quality cannabis at its very best, and when you find blueberry marijuana seeds that appeal to you, snap them up quick. With the popularity of these strains rising and rising, demand for these little honies shows no signs of ever slowing down. is not responsible for the misuse or illegal use according to the law of each country regarding the traded products. Our online store complies with UK law.

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