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blue dream regular cannabis seeds

After extensive tests with growing and flowering, this new variety is ready to make its debut in our shop so you too can enjoy the fruits of our labor and all the delightful goodness this strain has to offer.

If you’re looking to toss your prescription painkillers, Blue Dream may be your answer to your prayers. The perfect balance between Sativa and Indica eases you gently into a calm euphoria.

EUR 80,00 only offers high-quality Blue Dream seeds. If you buy five seeds, you will get five plants. Of course, we trust you to create the best atmosphere for growing your Blue Dream strain. We also sell high-quality fertilizer and other products which help you to grow your own Blue Dream cannabis.

Blue Dream can grow quite tall when grown outside. It can reach a height of 300 cm / 118 inch. When grown outdoors in a sunny spot, it will have a yield up to 800 Gr. 28 Oz. dry weight per m2 / 11ft2. When grown indoors, the yield will be about 550 Gr. / 21 Oz. dry weight perm2 / 11ft2. The plants then can reach a height of 160 cm / 63 inch.

Blue Dream will also allow your body to relax more easily which has a favorable effect on tension headaches. Once your painful muscles start to relax, that annoying pain in your head and neck will dwindle as well.

Cannabis Strain Name:
Blue Haze (Zamnesia Seeds)

Smoking Method:
Roor Little Sista bong, pure weed.

Zamnesia Seeds – Blue Dream: A Knockout Strain With Fruits And Berries Galore

The smell is very sweet, with fizzy tones like all the Hazes. Reminds me a lot the Amnesia Haze.

I advise the Blue Haze for outdoor growing; I personally cultivated this strain indoor and would do different a second time around. Why? This plant grows really big! The leaves will be bigger than your hands! Requires a lot of fertiliser over the entire cycle, especially during the flowering stage.

A cerebral high that keeps you active, but at the same time physical. Very good for working or studying. Takes a little to reach its peak and stays stable all the time. Usually the high is up for 2,5 hours but can change from person to person, smoking method, and the quantity used.

Remember, Blue Dream can double in height once it hits the pre-flowering stage.

If your climate isn’t similar to that of sunny California, then you may need to incorporate a greenhouse or ensure that you plant your Blue Dream seeds outdoors after the last frost occurs.

If you’re growing indoors, then it’s essential that you consider Blue Dream’s height potential. Use tried-and-true techniques, such as topping, FIM, and low-stress training to keep your Blue Dream crop in check.

Strain Description and Properties

Blue Dream cannabis seeds are loaded with an incredible array of aromas and flavors. The delicious scent and taste can be narrowed down to three dominant terpenes commonly found in this strain:

However, you’ll want to ensure that your Blue Dream seeds are adequately fed during all stages of growth. One of the best growing tips is that it isn’t as picky as many other cannabis strains, and you can lay the nutrients on heavier than usual.

Blue Dream Seeds – Strain ID:

Blue Dream seeds can have adverse effects when consumed. The first negative effect of Blue Dream is that many users experience dry mouth. Another negative effect is that it can also leave your eyes feeling dry as well.