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blue amnesia auto cannabis seeds

To create our Auto Blue Amnesia, we have started from a cross between Amnesia and Blueberry. In this hybrid the traits from the sativa mother are distinctly present in its auto-flowering version.

To create our Auto Blue Amnesia, we have started from a cross between Amnesia and Blueberry. In this hybrid the traits from the sativa mother are distinctly present in its autoflowering version. We have reached this stage through selective crossbreeding: the smell is very floral, and it’s sweet in the mouth with bubblegum aftertaste. The high is fast hitting and pretty intense even for experienced smokers and long lasting. This is the autoflowering of tomorrow, and it is already available today. The total time requested is 65-70 days.

Smoking is smooth and it gives a fuzzy, full-body buzz. Ideal as an uplifting strain that gets you going and talkative.

Great strain for growing. This lady did not give any problems during grow. Did tie-down stress training to give all these cola sites enough light to reach their full potential. Got 0.5 grams per watt, which is was my highest yield ever.

So after drying and curing it was time to sample… And wow!
So smooth and great flavour, hard to describe but sweet and a hint of spicy at the same time. No matter if you vape, smoke or make edibles… this is a great hitting strain.
The effects are amazing, pain and stress melt away while your head stays clear. No panic attacks at all, which happens sometimes with sativa’s.
Great one to share with friends, you’ll have amazing conversations, laughter and great ideas!


Would recommend for people looking for a good time growing and smoking!

Professor Harvest – 05/11/2019

Yarista (verified owner) – 11/09/2019

Stroopwafel (verified owner) – 05/11/2019

The autoflowering nature of Auto Blue Amnesia means that it grows rapidly over a short period of time. In fact, this strain makes its way from a small seed into a fully grown plant ready to harvest in as little as 9-10 weeks. These features make it appeal to growers who want a stash ready as quickly as possible. As an autoflowering strain, Auto Blue Amnesia does not require a change in the light cycle in order to enter the flowering stage of the grow cycle, adding ease to growing this strain.

The high THC content found within the flowers of Auto Blue Amnesia result in a hard hitting and long lasting high that features both indica and sativa effects. Experienced smokers may even be surprised at just how potent this strain can be.

Auto Blue Amnesia is a hybrid cannabis strain that features a genetic composition consisting of 40 percent sativa genetics, 40 percent indica genetics, and 20 percent Cannabis ruderalis genetics. The strain was created via the crossbreeding of parent strains Amnesia, Blueberry, and Cannabis ruderalis. This interesting merging of genetics has resulted in a strain that reaches harvest time rapidly and offers a rather high THC content of 18 percent.

Auto Blue Amnesia: Ready for harvest within as little as 6-7 weeks

When Auto Blue Amnesia reaches its flowering stage, rich scents of floral sweetness will start to fill the space that the crop is occupying. Additionally, the flavour profile provided by plants when being smoked can be described as having bubblegum and sweet tastes. These factors really add to the smoking experience and add sensual pleasure to the high, factors that will excite and stimulate cannabis connoisseurs.

Auto Blue Amnesia can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors. If growing the strain indoors you can expect to receive yields of up to 100g per square metre. If growing the strain outdoors within garden beds and large pots, growers can achieve yields of up to 200g per plant. These may not be the biggest yields in the world, but the rapid growth cycle and the high THC flowers certainly balance this out.