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best regular cannabis seeds

Why bother using regular cannabis seeds? Don’t they just crowd the growing space with males that growers need to sex and separate later on?

Mango Crunch also offers a whole new world of flavour. Many cannabis smokers are used to distinct tastes within each strain, from fruity profiles to more earthy or gassy. This mouth-watering regular variety completely breaks the rules and combines terpene rarely experienced together. Puff these flowers and experience waves of citrus, diesel, herbs, and pineapple wash across the tongue.


She peaks at a height of 180cm outdoors and produces a whopping yield of 650–700g/plant. You can take a backseat during the growing process, as she deals with pests and diseases incredibly well.

This flavourful regular strain stems from the legendary Jamaican variety Lambsbread and also features genetics passed down from a Pre-98 Bubba Kush. She blends old-school taste and effects with huge harvests. Her flowers exert a soothing and clear-headed effect. Although she stimulates the mind, you’ll remain completely lucid and capable of getting on with day to day tasks without any issue.

Grow this versatile cultivar indoors and watch her grow to 90–140cm in height. Take advantage of LST to keep her at the lower end of this spectrum while optimising your harvest. Expect up to 500g/m² from these plants when using good lights and high-quality nutrients.

White Widow is a champion hybrid marijuana strain bred by Shantibaba from Brazilian sativa and South Indian indica genetics. Named for its frosty white appearance, White Widow is prized for its odoriferous, potent, crystal-covered buds that have been turning plastic baggies white since the early nineties. Consistently among the top best-selling seeds sold at cannabis seed banks, Seedsman’s White Widow regular seeds grow into stocky plants that produce heavy harvests of stinky, widowy buds. 15–20% THC.

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White Russian by Serious Seeds is a stable indica hybrid crossbred with original AK-47 and White Widow strains. With its distinctly high bud-to-leaf ratio and dense, resinous colas, White Russian produces some serious indica dank. The seeds grow into medium-height consistent plants that develop huge smelly flower tops abundant in resin. Long-lasting cerebral high.

2. OG Kush Regular Seeds

G13 Haze is a hybrid that combines the legendary G13 genetics—perhaps the most coveted marijuana strain in history—with Hawaiian Haze. It’s an excellent regular seed strain for growers and breeders alike. The hardy, sativa-dominant plants are easy to cultivate both indoors and outdoors. However, flowering time is slightly longer than average. Abundant yields of buds come in loaded with trichomes and sweet, spicy terpenes. Strong high. 21% THC.

Black Widow is best known by its other name—White Widow. Shantibaba released the first White Widow seeds through Green House Seeds in 1994. A few years later, he left GHS, and he and Howard Marks (Mr. Nice) got together to form Mr. Nice Seeds. Because there was already a White Widow seed strain on the market, they dubbed this one “Black Widow”. Thought by many to be the best Widow seeds, made from Shantibaba’s own Brazilian sativa and South Indian hybrid strains. Dense, stinky buds caked in crystal. Hard-hitting, dramatic high. Up to 20% THC.

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Original Afghani #1 is an Afghani indica landrace cannabis strain known for its dense, resinous buds superb for hash production. A true-breeding inbred line strain originally obtained from Sacred Seeds in the seventies, the Original Afghani #1 regular seeds sold by Seedsman are stable genetics for breeders to work with. The plants grow short, stocky, and are quick to finish. Huge aromatic buds that ooze copious amounts of resin. Stoney indica high.