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Due to current customs laws in America, if your seed package from overseas gets caught in the mail, you don’t get put on a list.

A big tip for ordering cannabis seeds online

An American citizen won’t get in legal trouble for ordering cannabis seeds online from outside the country

Although there is no “best cannabis seed bank” there are many companies that have been used by hundreds of real cannabis growers like you and proven to be great and consistent sources of marijuana seeds.

Although it’s important to keep your marijuana grow hidden, keeping it a secret is even more important!

If you have done your research and are now considering purchasing cannabis seeds online, then you may be surprised to learn that it is actually very reliable and safe to buy your marijuana seeds online from a reputable seed bank. Some seed banks will even take payments from Paypal if you contact them first!

When marijuana seeds get caught by customs agents during shipping, the seeds get tossed and that’s it. It doesn’t matter what state you’re in, or your local laws. That is simply the way our laws about customs work. On the flip side, a U.S. sender can get in a lot of trouble by sending seeds from one place to the other within the U.S. (though this is still very, very rare).

You cant control what is sent to you in the mail. Youre worst enemy could send you something, report it, and get you into trouble.

Not sure if this is allowed to ask here. And I apologize in advance for breaking the rules.


Is there a discreet website that would ship to a state with cannabis laws. Ie Georgia?

I would order the

I would order the Buy One, Get one, as it is the best choice for the money, and if every plant isn’t fire, Ill eat my hat.