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best place to buy cannabis seeds online uk

They are well known for their breeder determination procedure and take extraordinary consideration in creating stable strains. They likewise give streak bargains, which have high prices.

Customer Service

The seeds they sell are of high quality and packed in attractive, safe packaging. The gorilla seed bank is certainly not an exceptionally old seed bank. In any case, they have made their name in the marijuana area. The UK-based company has clients purchasing their top cannabis seeds from everywhere throughout the world. Let us inform you regarding these fabulous individuals in detail in the Gorilla seed bank review underneath.

9 – London Seed Centre Seed Bank

When in 2009 , they set up their shop and knew from the earliest starting point that the customer’s fulfillment is the most significant in this business. They unequivocally accept that a fulfilled customer will return to them, and his/her prosperity will make them useful. They take care to furnish you with new, reliable, and modest Cannabis seeds.


There are a few limited-time offers and limits offered by the company that you can unveil. They usually are contrasted with different websites, but you can be guaranteed adequate investment funds if you buy more. This total rebate that you can hope to get relies upon the measure of money that you spend on your order. The limits for the most part bar shipping and VAT, so you may need to spend more before benefiting from these offers.

Gorilla Seed Bank has grown from a little seed bank to a standout among other online marijuana seeds banks. They are professionals at pleasantly handling their clients. The seeds they sell are of high quality and packed in suitable, safe packaging. The gorilla seed bank is a new company in this products. Still, it has made its name in the marijuana segment.

Kind of a weird name, no? Jack Herer is an American Cannabis activist known as the Emperor of Hemp. This strain is for the wake and bake masters. If you like to take a rip first thing in the morning, Jack Herer will get you where you need to go. It’s got a low THC content that makes it a perfect strain for those who don’t have a particularly high tolerance for the green stuff.

So, you’re looking to buy marijuana seeds online and are wondering who is the best seed bank. Thankfully, in 2021 there are TONS of great choices for seed banks that ship to the UK.

Everyone has the right to research for themselves and choose the seed bank that ships to the UK that THEY feel comfortable with. Having said that, these are our top 3 Cannabis seed banks. We encourage you to take your time to familiarize yourself with each one of these seed banks that ship to the UK, and move forward in confidence that you’ll be getting the strain you want, the quality you want, and the discretion you need!



CBD is NOT psychoactive in any way. It doesn’t get you ripped, stoned, or blitzed. What it DOES do is help relieve muscle aches, reduces anxiety in some people, and can generally give you a sense of wellbeing. The higher the CBD content in a bud, the more pronounced these effects tend to be.


In a marijuana high there are 3 main factors: THC, terpenes, and cannabinoids. The INTERACTION between the 3 of these compounds is what dictates the type and level of you high. Terpenes for example give marijuana its relaxation effects. Cannabinoids are the Elon Musk SpaceX rockets that launch your brain into space.

As a general rule, weed is penalised far less frequently than it used to be. That said, it’s worth remembering that growing marijuana from seed is illegal in the UK unless you have a licence that is incredibly hard to come by. It’s up to you to convince a police officer of your intentions if you’re caught.

The list below is a short overview of what makes this one of the best cannabis seed banks in 2021:

It goes without saying that buying cannabis seeds for the purpose of growing marijuana is illegal in the UK. That said, owning and buying weed seeds isn’t against the law in and of itself, even if you buy cannabis seeds online.

What Are The Risks When Buying Cannabis Seeds Online in the UK?

One thing that stands out to us about MOC is the speed of their shipping. It’s nice to see a company willing to guarantee 24 and 48 hour time frames for international customers. If your delivery gets lost in transit, they’ll even ship it again after 30 days completely free. In a world where packages like this ‘go missing’ all the time, it’s great to see a company that’s willing to back their services.

One thing that this weed seed bank does very well is offer value to their customers. The value packs at MSNL can slash the price of larger orders way down. The budget packs in particular caught our attention. Just £69 gets you 15 seeds of Blue Dream, OG Kush and White Widow Skunk!

This site is a great option for customers who want to try something new. From high-CBD variants , to fun new strains, there’s something for everyone here. If you’re unsure of what you’d like to try, the ‘mix and match’ section contains products with a combination of strains in autoflowering and feminized varieties.

A good weed seed bank will sell seeds that represent good value for money. Don’t be afraid to shop around and make sure you’re getting a good deal. The options in the reviews on this page consistently offer high-quality seeds at a fair price and are very open about their shipping and returns policies. If you’re looking at a seed site and something doesn’t feel right, think again.