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best moon phase to start cannabis seeds

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It is Waning – shrinking – during these phases: Full Moon | Disseminating | Second Quarter | Balsamic

Because the Sun stays in a sign for a full month there are some months that are better for certain gardening tasks than others. Interfacing the Sun cycle and the Moon’s cycle takes a little skill but is not 1 difficult once you apply the logic.

If the Sun is in a ‘fertile’ sign for a month, then you should take advantage of that month to do some gardening – naturally the best results occur when the Moon is also is a fertile sign and the correct phase with the Sun. The best days for doing specific tasks will depend on the Moon’s sign. To synthesize the phase with the sign is important in planting. There is no point in planting at the correct phase, if the Moon is in an incompatible sign – one which might damage or inhibit growth.

Gardening by the moon phases is all a matter of timing. Since we are able to anticipate the phases, we can plan ahead and maximize the connection between the solar system and biological cycles to gain optimum results in the garden.

The 4 intermediate phases also form a quaternary of activity.

Growers pay significant attention to the flowers of the plant when the moon presides over an air sign. Zodiac signs of this group include:

There might be more of a relationship between your cannabis plants and the moon than you first realised. Learn how to grow weed according to the moon cycle, and you might just take your outdoor harvests to new heights!

– Cancer
– Scorpio
– Pisces


Now that you know how the lunar calendar affects cannabis plants during the growing cycle, it’s time to put theory into action. Discover the ideal times during the 2021 lunar calendar to carry out these vital tasks within your cannabis garden.

When growing cannabis using the moon calendar, cultivators can harness the effects of the celestial body to optimise plant health and productivity. The waxing and waning periods of the moon provide a natural timetable that guides growers throughout the season.

Growers should begin germinating seeds indoors as early as February 2nd. During this waning period, the moon sits in the fire sign of Leo; a perfect time to unleash the inner living fire of your cannabis seeds.

The new moon marks the beginning of a new lunar cycle. Here, the moon takes a position directly between the earth and the sun. The side of the moon that faces the earth appears completely dark. As the moon begins to shift into the next stage, only a thin slice of the side of the moon reflects sunlight to the earth, giving rise to a razor-sharp crescent shape.