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best humidity for germinating cannabis seeds reddit

So I just got my set up finished 8-9 days ago. I germinated the seeds and now they are all showing and looking in good health.

The guide I am using says I need to keep my RH humidity around 70% but my ventilation system is too good. I spray water out of a water bottle and within 2 hours or so my humidity is back down to 35-45% (Temperature 72-78F).

Do I continue to try to fight this issue? Will it give me problems? and is it ok to just water more and let the humidity sit at its natural level?

They will germinate just fine at those temps. There is no need btw to germinate them in the tent. Just germinate them in your app if youre so concerned about it or you can invest in some heated mats to put under your cups.

I'm germinating 5 afghan seeds in peat pellets in my grow tent completely in the dark. I have my apartment's temperature set to 78 but my grow tents thermometer still says 73.9 degrees Fahrenheit. According to my research, seeds germinate in 75 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit temperature. How crucial is it for that 73.9 to be above 75? Also humidity level is 55%.

The process goes faster if it's warm, it'll probably grow a fair bit faster in warmer temps too. I have a feeling mine was stunted because it was cold in my tent.

I did the paper towel method, and just put it on my ps4. A laptop would prob work as well. I think heat just speeds up the process.

They will germ just fine. But if you can add a lil heat they will grow faster. Adding heat basically replicates the warmth the seed would feel if it was outside and the sun was shining on the spot its at. The warmth giving it a bit more energy to use to grow and if the spot is getting sun, a lil more incentive for it to sprout quickly before its overcrowded/taken by another plant.

Hello, I've been wondering about what everyone's experience has been regarding the effects of low humidity on growth potential. My house is very, very dry year round, often struggling to reach even 25% in my grow room (with a small humidifier running!). I've noticed that my plants seem to be generally growing slowly and not getting very large, despite looking quite healthy. So far I've gone through 3 seed to adult cycles (autoflowers), and my largest plant hardly pushed 1.5 feet tall. Is it likely that investing in a powerful humidifier for my grow room will significantly increase growth rates and yields? Thanks guys!