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These pure strains will bring amazing memories to smokers from the 60s/70s, since at that time this was the type of marijuana normally available on the market.

Most landrace genetics are then 100% Sativa or 100% Indica, although there are some exceptions. Normally, pure or landrace cannabis strains often include their country or region of origin in their name. Examples: Hindu Kush (Indica), Acapulco Gold (Sativa), Panama 74 (Sativa), etc.

Kees’ Old School Haze – Super Sativa Seed Club

Preservation and future development of these heirloom and BOEL genetics are among the priorities we take as a responsibility to cannabis. I personally remember what it was like to enjoy cannabis of the 70’s, and as cannabis activists we are dedicated to bringing these forgotten human pleasures to the modern age. We bring lifetimes worth of cannabis history, cannabis gardening, and cannabis genetics together in Swami Organic Seed.

French Touch Seeds present here their Mangu Karot, a famous landrace strain from La Reunion (Zamal) which is now available in Alchimiaweb’s catalogue of regular seeds. This 100% Sativa strain grows vigorous and slender, and needs around 100-130 days [. ]

Swami Organic Seed is the embodiment of “pura vida” in organically produced cannabis seed. Utilizing the Living Organic Soil methodology we helped establish in cannabis gardening along with Brotherhood of Eternal Love genetics we were gifted by a former BOEL member/associate, we breed for various outcomes in cannabis.

The history of the humble marijuana seed begins with landrace strains. Adapted to survive in the specific environmental conditions of their native lands, these pure varieties birthed a horticultural quest to explore and develop all of the multifaceted dimensions of our favorite flower. This quest – initially driven by seed breeders in Holland – has now resulted in a plethora of strains, each boasting individual combinations of the more than 80 known cannabinoids.

Like cannabis itself, cannabis breeders have shown incredible adaptability and resilience. When forced indoors at the start of America’s War on Drugs in the 1960s, these highly-skilled growers adopted new ways to grow the plant inside using artificial light sources. In an effort to crossbreed new varieties, cannabis breeders and growers are in a constant state of experimentation, forever adjusting to shorten growing periods and increase potency and yields.

Never doubt the power of bomb cannabis genetics you get when purchasing from the best marijuana seed companies.

Aficionado Seeds
This Mendocino, California-based seed company has the art of boutique cannabis on lock. With elevated packaging and a high-selling price, these seeds are bringing about an elevated reverence around cannabis breeding. Borrowing from the winery model, Aficionado releases a new line of signature strains each year. And they have the chops to backup the hype – breeder Mean Gene has taken home top honors at the Emerald Cup for multiple years.

As marijuana continues to be legalized and decriminalized around the world, becoming a home gardener is a hobby that’s available to more and more people each day – and the cannabis seed marketplace is truly a global commodity. If you’re interested in growing your own supply, here are 10 seed companies we believe stand above the rest.

Cannabis cultivation is as much as an art as it is a science. The best cannabis seed companies in 2020 will strive to advance the genetic profiling of cannabis strains and user experience. Company ethos, user involvement, and genetic profiling, all contribute to the creation of high-quality cannabis seeds.

A newbie on the list of the best cannabis seed companies in 2020 is Cali Kush Farms.
As the company has only just begun to grow, Cali Kush Farms has yet to make its mark on the cannabis seeds industry. What makes this cannabis seed company stand out is that their goal is to diversify and “re-vamp” the classic California OG Kush!

Best Breeders in 2020

Cultivation factors: Cultivation factors include flowering period, the environment needed for growth, yield, and flowering time. Paying close attention to cultivation factors can aid users in determining which strain is right for them.

When looking for a cannabis seed bank or cannabis seed companies it’s essential to consider the following factors:

Genetics: There are many strains of cannabis, but the three primary ones are Indica, Sativa, and Ruderalis. Each strain possess properties unique to them! And, a hybrid of those strains would have a combination of those properties. For example, Indica is known for its relaxation effects. On the other hand, Sativa tends to contain higher levels of THC, thus eliciting the classic ‘high’ effect. Finally, Ruderalis tends to have a lot more of a therapeutic effect since it contains high CBD and low THC.