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best centrifuge tube for seeds cannabis

These are small cylindrical containers with conical bottoms, made of polypropylene, and with hermetic seals. With this method of micro conservation the containers full of seeds are protected individually, in such a way that, even if there are variations in the outside atmosphere, inside the container the humidity conditions are constant.

If you follow these guidelines you can preserve your seeds for several years. In fact, there are experts who contend that, if storage conditions are ideal, there are seeds that will last for up to a decade.

Humidity control via micro conservation in Eppendorf tubes

If you do not have any of these containers, you can always use some opaque and airtight plastic bottles, which will also do the trick. Inside, along with seeds, it is a good idea to place some dry rice or silica crystals, separated from them by means of a cotton ball or paper. These elements will absorb moisture from the atmosphere, which, depending on one’s location, can be around 25% or higher.

If a container you are using is left open, and a rodent somehow gets into your house, the consequences can be dramatic, both for you and your harvest, of course, because the animal will enjoy a great feast at your expense. This is why, among other things, something as simple as placing your containers up high can be a good way to prevent such disasters.

Labelling the strains you have is even more vital if you cannot see the seeds. This can be the case if, for example, you follow the advice of some growers, who instruct more inexperienced growers to store their seeds in analogue film tubes. In cases like this you can simply stick a small label on it and jot down with a pencil the name of the strain in each tube, which should be placed, in turn, inside a piece of Tupperware to prevent its contents from deteriorating.

Marijuana SA is a importer of these centrifuge tubes. They are made out of a hard reusable plastic. Perfect for the seed packaging and storing samples.

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Seeds stored in a centrifuge tube can last years in a fridge.

Keep your prized as well as hard to come by genetics inside a Centrifuge Tube for safe keeping.

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Thanks HB, I agree this looks like the best option.

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like i was saying it’s all a matter of what your looking for and/or what your needs are.


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i bought the LA they work great for me mainly because they are fairly thin and fit great in the 1×3 zip lock baggies. there also perfect for fitting 1 inch round labels on and i got the foam inserts as well.