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best cbd cannabis seeds

At Royal Queen Seeds, our expert breeders have developed high-CBD varieties containing equal levels of THC, or no THC at all, to cater to individual tastes. Some of these cultivars also contain other novel cannabinoids, including CBG.

CBD soothes the body and brings peace to the mind. Unlike THC, it doesn’t catalyse a high. This makes it the perfect option for elevating the mood throughout the day while remaining cognitively sound. The top 5 CBD strains of 2021 below offer massive levels of CBD alongside hefty yields.

Stress Killer Automatic

Although researchers discovered CBD before THC, the latter gained much more attention due to its psychotropic effects. In recent years, CBD has re-entered the spotlight as a non-intoxicating cannabinoid offering numerous wellness benefits.

Discover the top 5 most popular CBD strains of 2021 below. These strains have been the most sought-after by our customers, and we have also included a brand new strain that will surely be equally popular!

The key trait of Stress Killer Automatic is summed up accurately by her name. A high level of CBD balances out a mellow THC content of 11% to produce a crystal-clear head high that boosts focus. This strain offers the best of both worlds: therapeutic doses of CBD, and just enough THC to hit the sweet spot between euphoria and being too high to operate. Stress Killer Automatic can be blazed or vaped throughout the day to boost productivity and relieve symptoms without compromising the mental faculties. This ideal balance of cannabinoids was achieved by breeding Lemon Shining Silver Haze, Juanita la Lagrimosa, and a Cannabis ruderalis variety. This combination created a genetic profile of 60% sativa, 30% indica, and 10% ruderalis.

The type of crop: the seeds have different genetics which gives them different characteristics. For example, some seeds will be more resistant to outdoor cultivation, and others to indoor cultivation. The growing environment is an essential point to consider before buying a CBD seed.

As the cannabis CBD seed catalogs are rather well supplied with information and different types of seeds, you will need to know your expectations before choosing a product. So what are the questions you need to ask yourself before buying a seed among all these different varieties?

This seed was developed from two world renowned and award-winning plants: Swiss Dream and Skunk #1. With a spicy aroma (from Swiss Dream) but very sweet and also earthy (from Skunk), the effects of this plant are considered to be rather moderate and relaxing. Some countries consider this variety as industrial hemp since the THC level is very low.

Sensi Seeds Review: The largest Seed Bank in Europe

Before buying any product made from hemp, it is very important to research about the legislation surrounding CBD in your country. As far as CBD seeds are concerned, laws may vary from country to country.

You’ll have to read the seed’s details given by the vendors. In fact, the level of THC and CBD cannabinoids can really vary depending on the plants. Therefore we advise you to analyze these ratios in order to find a product that suits your needs, but which is also legal in your country.

In this special’s folder, you will find all the information you need to use and grow your CBD seeds without THC. We will describe its legal aspect in particular, however we will also provide you with a ranking of the best sellers of CBD seeds online, also known as “Seed Banks”.

The light cycle: it will depend on your growing habits. There are two types of seeds: the feminized seeds, for example, which will flower only by changing their period of light. On the contrary, the “auto-flowering” seed does not need a change in the hours of light. Moreover, their life cycle is faster: about 2 months.

Are you wondering why you would cultivate o ne of these CBD strains yourself instead of buying it in a shop ? Of course, it depends o n what you want. Cultivating weed can be a fun hobby (especially right now, when you’re looking for something enjoyable to do ), but it can also be financially interesting. If you have a couple of cannabis plants, you can get quite a significant yield. You’d get a considerable stock of CBD-rich cannabis. Your investment in seeds usually is smaller than what you would spend in a shop.

Natural CBD beauty

Is it your goal in the end to use CBD oil? The process of making CBD oil is a lot more complicated. This requires more knowledge and technology. If you want CBD oil, it’s far easier to just buy this in our (web)shop. Be sure to choose a reliable brand, to ensure the quality of the product is consistent, which makes it possible to dose more accurately. Still, one doesn’t exclude the other: our CBD-rich cannabis seeds provide everyone with pleasure, easy cultivation and good yields.
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Blue Monkey CBD

Get your CBD straight from the source!

Are you looking for a weed plant to cultivate, that contains less THC than CBD, Compromise CBD v2 is the right choice. This strain only contains 0,6% THC, compared to 8,3% CBD. This makes Compromise a suitable choice for anyone that prefers the analgesic and calming effects of CBD, and also if you’d rather not get high. Compromise can help when you suffer from depression, headaches or stress as well.

The buds of Compromise CBD v2 are of regular size. One of the advantages of this strain is that the seeds are feminized, which almost certainly provides you with female plants. Which in turn provide you with flower buds, rich in the active compounds CBD and (to a lesser extent) THC. Are you interested in getting to work with Compromise? We’d love to hear your experiences, because this new strain is still in development.

This plant can grow outside and gives a high yield. The CBD content is high, on average 11%. Under ideal conditions this can even get as high as 13,5%. The THC content is only 0,3%. So this is an ideal plant for anyone who wants to savour the benefits of CBD. Do you prefer indoor cultivation? This is also possible with Blue Monkey CBD. On average, the flowering time when you grow your plants indoors is 9 weeks.