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best cannabis seeds holland

All our seeds are grown, improved, stabilized and feminized by the expert Spanish growers who work exclusively for Royal Queen Seeds!

The Royal Queen Seeds Store opened in the heart of Amsterdam a few years ago – a small but highly-specialised shop that has been full ever since it opened, not just because of its excellent location but also thanks to the varied and high-quality product assortment, not to mention its affordable prices. Having seen thousands of visitors and foreign tourists pass through its doors, the Royal Queen Seeds Store has become a point of reference for growers from all over Europe.

An international offer

The Royal Queen Seeds Store is truly a must-see stop for seed buyers from all over the world. If you happen to be in the area, stop by for a visit and to chat with the qualified salespeople, one of whom speaks five languages! The European Seed Bank is not only the easiest seed shop to find in all Amsterdam. it is also definitely the most affordable.

How to reach us? Turn from Dam Square towards the Hotel Krasnapolsky, walk along the Damstraat (the shopping street to the right of the hotel) until you reach the first bridge, direction “de Wallen”. You’ll see the shop to your right, just before the bridge – which means you’ve made it!

As an extra service for the shop’s many customers, the Royal Queen Seeds Store has now decided to start selling its entire assortment online, as well. The easy-to-use website presents all the products available in the shop for online sales.

From their home base Adam and Doug built one of the 1990’s Cannabis epicentres. Amsterdam was one of the Cannabis capitals at the time, and the TH Seeds founders instructed and trained young people who came to their location to work with them creating some of the best cannabis strains.

Simon and his team are indebted to some of the most popular seed varieties from around the world. These come from the combination and genetic selection of the best specimens, which earned him a very large place in the best Dutch seed banks in history.

TH Seeds is another of the best Dutch seed banks ever. It is a bank with tradition, which opened its doors in 1993. Behind the project are Adam and Doug, two Cannabis enthusiasts who have built an excellent reputation by breeding the best quality Cannabis seeds for decades, with all the quality expected from the best Dutch seed banks.

Barneys Farm

One of the words that best define the work of this Dutch seed bank is “pioneers“. This is because Dutch Passion were the first seedbank to introduce the feminized Cannabis seeds on the market. This milestone made easier growing marijuana and allowed less experienced growers to succeed in their crops.

DNA Genetics was founded in 2004 by Don Morris and Aaron Yarkoni in Amsterdam. Although it is one of the best seed banks in Holland today, the founders of this house are very American. This is because its creators focused on developing the best Cannabis seeds from the American West Coast.

Once in Amsterdam, Derry did a lot of work with seeds from both East and West Asian regions. The result is a catalogue full of different strains from all over the world that are often awarded in the HTCC and other cannabis competitions.

Another one of the Holland best seed banks with more tradition is Serious Seeds. Its creator, Simon, founded the bank in 1994, after gaining much experience in collecting Cannabis seed genetics from around the world. It was one of his trips to South Africa, when he started to feel a real interest in the Cannabis plant.

The Netherlands is not a quintessential farming country, but tulips and marijuana are an honorable exception. From the latter we can say that the production of feminized, self-flowering and hybrid seeds is high quality thanks to the healthy competition among the Dutch seed banks.

Its consumption and planting are regulated by the state, but shipping marijuana in an airplane or other means to get it out of the country is not allowed.

They have proposed to isolate and stabilize the genetics of quality seeds that come from the United States and other parts of the world.

Serious Seeds

Many people ask how to order seeds from the marijuana central bank in the Netherlands, something that may be too broad a question.

Now, regarding the question of bringing seeds from Amsterdam to Spain, it’s convenient that you know that, contrary to what most people believe, selling marijuana to certain countries is illegal in Holland.

Those seeds that have been in stock for longer than normal are taken to White Label where they’re offered to the public so that they have access to high quality marijuana at a lower cost.

The varieties available to the cannabis world of Soma Seeds are the following: Amnesia Haze feminized, Buddha’s Sister feminized, Somango feminized, NYC Diesel feminized and SomaRi feminized.