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Before we share our top 5, it’s important to understand the climate of the UK when it comes to growing cannabis outdoors. In this way you understand the growing conditions better and you start your breeding well prepared.

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Top 5 best cannabis seeds for the UK climate

OG Kush contains 75% Indica genes. It’s a very strong strain that can be grown in almost any climate. From cold climates to warm climates. This species is robust and is capable of producing high quality weed even in the deplorable outdoor conditions of the UK.

Do you want to limit the risk of a failed harvest and do you think the production of a normal autoflower is too low? We have some good news. Our Big White Widow auto can grow up to 180 cm high. Besides, they produce high yields and aren’t dependent on the transition between summer and autumn to bloom. Moreover, the Big WW is a very strong and reliable strain, suitable for outdoor cultivation in the UK climate.

The UK climate is generally cold and wet. Not ideal for the cultivation of a weed plant. Of course you don’t suffer from this when you grow indoors, but if you want to grow outdoors in the UK, it can be a challenge. Fortunately, breeders have developed varieties that can produce good yields even in the climates of the UK. Good results do I hear you think? We actually mean excellent results!

Pick and Mix Cannabis Seed Bank has been a leading Cannabis seed bank since 2007 with over 4400 Cannabis strains securing more than 2 hundred thousand customers worldwide while they used to ship more than 99% of their orders on the same day. They had the biggest range of all types of Cannabis cultivars from famous breeders around the world.

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London Seed center also relies directly on the Cannabis breeders to collect and sell seed strains that are selected and packed by the breeders and available in the same packing. LSC holds stocks of more than 3000 cultivars comprising of 100000 Cannabis seed.

#18 (London Seed Bank) Pick and Mix Cannabis Seed Bank – Shifts inventory to SeedCity

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They also accept payment from several banking channels, direct bank transfers, and Credit & Debit cards. Other list includes several cultivars of Autoflowering and Regular Seeds along with some promising strains of Feminized seeds and hybrids.

Crop King Seeds currently has many incentives for customers to buy seeds for two days, April 20th and 21st. When paying, enter code CK420 to receive a 20% discount, and enter 5FREE to receive 5 seeds free.

They offer a variety of Autoflowering, Feminized, hybrids, and regular seeds for selling on their platform that ships throughout the world whereas, next-day delivery is also offered within the UK. They started in 1998 and over the last 23 years, they established a professional relationship with breeders, Cannabis growers, and seed buyers. For Credit and Debit cards payment, they offer 3D encrypted verification and accept Bitcoin as well.