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best cannabis seed shippeds 2021

Using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies is the safest option available for buying cannabis seeds online. It’s also a great way to get bigger discounts and additional free seeds with your order.

What seeds to buy? Cannabis seed banks typically categorize the seeds by sex, genetics, breeder, strain name, and plant traits.

Herbies Seeds – Cannabis, Marijuana, Weed Seeds

👎late or no delivery of seeds

If you are a United States customer, you need to be aware that most American prepaid cards cannot be used with international merchants. Many of the best seed banks are located in the U.K., Europe, and Canada. Paying for your order by prepaid card might not work.

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If you’ve ever considered growing your own marijuana, the yield is surely a factor – therefore, you should put one…

The selections were made based on the following factors:

Not only does Quebec Cannabis Seeds have fifty of the world’s finest strains of marijuana seeds, but you’ll be able to find seeds in all kinds of categories here – including regular, auto-flowering, and feminized, too.


This company is slowly beginning to make its mark – and build its reputation – as a top seed bank that ships to the USA.

Largest Strain Collection

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Seedsman offers some of the most affordable seeds yet still manages to offer a top-notch product. They’re known for their variety – in addition to seeds, they also sell books, clothing, and storage products. They offer regular discounts and they even offer loyalty points to help you save money on your next shopping trip.