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best cannabis seed banks reddit

Elite613genetics is Canadian. Very reputable company, they handle true fire craft cannabis genetics. Have successfully purchased from and grown out their genetics, Thugpug meatbreath being a personal favorite. Greatlakesgenetics ships to Canada, I've used them for years. I can personally vouch for both of these craft cannabis seed banks.

Are these websites or reddit user names? Edit: never mind lol answered my own question

Their prices seem steep or is that normal

Have you ordered from either of them? I'm just worried about the boarder intercepting the package

True North Seed Bank is in Toronto. No international shipping so way less to worry about. Heard good things about them.

I'm looking to procure some seeds from a reputable seed bank anyone know much on the topic?

edit: I was looking at msnl

Seedsman all around

Mephisto will be my go to from now on after the easy buying experience the other night. Can't get any easier and their shipping is lightning fast.

Are they all autos or can you get photos?

When growing indoors, typically when growing multiple strains. Do you pick plants that typically have same height genetics? I’m confused on if I should grow 6 different strains or just 3 pots of two strains.

I love Mephisto BUT they've had a lot of trouble over the last several months staying open or having seeds available and it's been very frustrating to me personally. Seedsman is good and a viable alternative if necessary

any help is appreciated. apologies if this topic has been posed numerous times.

Zkittlez is a clone, not a seed line.

The real fire is on instagram. Try @tonygreenhand or @masonic_smoker. I’m running Green hands peanut butter breath right now and it’s starting out purdy and thiccccc

True north is 50% off right now

Seedsherenow has been A+ service.