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best cannabis seed bank usa reddit

Zkittlez is a clone, not a seed line.

True north is 50% off right now

Side question. Who the hell has zkittlez

The real fire is on instagram. Try @tonygreenhand or @masonic_smoker. I’m running Green hands peanut butter breath right now and it’s starting out purdy and thiccccc

Im hunting for genetics in our Washington greenhouse this winter and I was wondering where to find the most reputable company for seeds online. I searched and couldn't find a definitive list.

Seedsherenow has been A+ service.

any help is appreciated. apologies if this topic has been posed numerous times.

Mephisto will be my go to from now on after the easy buying experience the other night. Can't get any easier and their shipping is lightning fast.

Just not true north

Can also check SeedsHereNow BreedersDirectSeedCo and RockyMountainHigh719.

Are they all autos or can you get photos?

First time grower here, I’m curious for your all’s opinion on seed banks. I see everywhere that is the go to. On the other hand, I’m also debating mephistogenetics. If neither, I would love to hear other opinions. and Can't beat the Breeders, Genetics, freebies and promos either site has. Both based in the US, which I prefer since no dealing w customs, and I've been disappointed w much of the genetics from many of the European banks.

Seedsman all around

Neptune Seed Bank ships out of USA. Huge selection best sorting I’ve ever seen. I got 7 freebies on my order of 6 seeds

Had good experiences with.. growerschoice, 9%cc fee and heavilyconnected, uses paypal also.

Oregon Elite Seeds They are a US distributor for a lot of the over sees breeders. This means you can get trusted genetics without having to mess with customs. Their prices are pretty reasonable, too. If you are looking for US genetics, DC Seed Exchange is a great place.