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best cannabis seed bank reddit

Can also check SeedsHereNow BreedersDirectSeedCo and RockyMountainHigh719.

First time grower here, I’m curious for your all’s opinion on seed banks. I see everywhere that is the go to. On the other hand, I’m also debating mephistogenetics. If neither, I would love to hear other opinions.

When growing indoors, typically when growing multiple strains. Do you pick plants that typically have same height genetics? I’m confused on if I should grow 6 different strains or just 3 pots of two strains.

Are they all autos or can you get photos?

Mephisto will be my go to from now on after the easy buying experience the other night. Can't get any easier and their shipping is lightning fast.

I love Mephisto BUT they've had a lot of trouble over the last several months staying open or having seeds available and it's been very frustrating to me personally. Seedsman is good and a viable alternative if necessary

I always go with seedsman . Takes 3 weeks to come but I’m never disappointed .

Order 1g of the LP version

Let me know if there's a seedbank you love that you want on the list.

Feel a sense of pride and accomplishment – All the latest strains if you have the $$ – Awesome search feature

Health Canada LP list – Sort by "Starting materials for sale" (medical only)

Legally give out clones to everyone