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best blue cheese cannabis seeds

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You can buy Blue Cheese seeds & grow them either indoor or outdoor. Growing indoor will make it easy for you to manage the conditions, but this incredible strain is not that difficult to grow outdoors too. Blue Cheese cannabis seeds can be grown in colder climates without much maintenance. After successful germination of Blue Cheese seeds, it takes about 60 – 65 days to complete the flowering period of this variety. The sweet and fruity aroma of the cheese begins to develop a few weeks after flowering and continues to grow and intensify as the plant matures. When grown outdoors, it may grow slightly and be ready for harvest at the end of September.

The Phenotype of Blue Cheese Seeds

Blue Cheese strain seeds will grow into attractive plants that will stay strong in response to infections & molds due to their strong genetic background. The natural resistance of Blue Cheese strain makes it ideal for even the beginners who want to take maximum yield without risk. The buds will be very dense if you take care of the plants & grow them well. Buds will be covered with a thick layer of trichomes. If you are a cheese lover, you should buy Blue Cheese Seeds & grow your cannabis plants. The plants can reach an incredible height of 3 meters when growing outdoors. With a decrease in temperature at night, most of the buds acquire purple color.

The taste will be unique as it will spread a sense of excitement & it will take only a matter of seconds for this strain to become your all-time favorite. This hybrid is sought among recreational and pharmaceutical users in medical cannabis circles around the world.

Recreational users are well aware of the high THC, around 16 – 20% of this strain. With its high THC, It gives a full-body high that lasts for a long time & makes you relax. So, if you want to relax for a long time and forget about the world around you, Buy Blue Cheese Seeds & grow your Cannabis plants as this will fulfill your desire to have an uninterrupted supply of high-quality Marijuana.

Blue Cheese weed usually needs about 60 to 65 days before the flowering time is over. You will smell that fresh and sweet scent after just a few weeks, it will continue to grow until it’s time to harvest. The plant will then have reached a length of 160 cm to 200 cm. When growing outdoors you can expect a larger plant that will be ready for harvest around the end of September. The yield is very good with an average of 500 to 600 grams per square metre.

A small setback with the Blue Cheese weed seeds growing, there is the high ratio from leaf to flower, you will have to cut a bit more than with most other plants. But when you look at the result, that’s no problem at all. The Blue Cheese is excellent to use with the popular Sea of Green method, hydroponics and cultivation in soil.

Blue Cheese weed

Surprisingly, the famous Cheese cannabis does not come from the Netherlands, but from the United Kingdom. By crossing the Cheese with that other celebrity Blueberry, the Blue Cheese weed was created, a type of weed that not only has a strong taste but also has an overwhelming effect. By crossing the best and most potent Blueberry plants with the powerful Cheese, a hybrid has been created with all the good characteristics of both. By crossing them back to Cheese the genetics were stabilized and optimized resulting in a unique taste experience.

You can taste the origins of the two popular parents right back with that sweet fruit flavor we know from the Blueberry with a musk flavor and earthy shades for which the Cheese is famous. You can expect very compact buds covered in a good layer of trichomes under the right conditions. Do not limit yourself to the Cheese and discover the qualities of the Blue Cheese.