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berry white feminised cannabis seeds

This lovely hybrid is just right when you’re looking to strike a balance between chill and a nice mental high. Berry White really earns its name, leaving you feeling happy and de-stressed. You’re never never gonna give this one up.

Distinguishable by its distinct blue coloring and orange hairs, Berry White is the love child of two well-known and equally loved strains: Blueberry and White Widow. Patients describe this sweet, berry scented weed as having a happy, uplifting high as ideal for treating stress, depression, and pain. With, on average, 16% THC, you may want to wait until your schedule is clear before you let this strain sing its signature serenade, as its indica heritage works wonders for inducing sleep in patients suffering from insomnia.


A heavy hitting indica/sativa combo, Berry White marijuana seeds offer a soothing balance between relaxation and euphoria, but we’d expect nothing less from a strain named after an internationally renowned crooner.

You don’t need ganja expertise to be successful growing Berry White marijuana seeds – these plants will reach a medium height and offer a big yield after 7-9 weeks in the flowering stage.

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People love berry white marijuana seeds because of its unique smell, taste, and high. Start buying berry white seeds so you can begin growing for next year. All of the seeds of berry white have been checked to make sure they are feminized. Pot seeds like berry white come in limited supply, so it’s important to grab them first. This flavored berry strain is easy to grow and produces a beautiful combination of blue and orange buds. Berry-White has a reliable and effective high that is perfect if you are looking for some inspiration and creativity. This strain is very well balanced and will leave you relaxed and ready for any social situations that you may encounter.

Berry White is one of the best hybrid strains available anywhere, with two famous parents: Blueberry and White Widow. This strain offers a fantastic balance of euphoria and relaxation which works brilliantly to promote deep and meaningful conversations, as well as creative streaks. Berry White has an incredible aesthetic, with a bright blue coloring, contrasted by orange hairs.

The unique and unusual effects of Berry White cannot be found elsewhere and pack quite a punch, so don’t miss out! This Indica strain is perfect for those looking to mellow out and enjoy life.

As long as you provide your Berry White plants with a steady stream of nutrients, you’ll be rewarded with delightfully potent marijuana.

Berry White prefers Mediterranean conditions.


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About Berry White Seeds

Berry White’s near-perfect structure allows for a lot of bud production. The lateral branches produce a multitude of bud sites that encircle the apical node. Once your Berry White plants are done flowering, you’ll find a bouquet of bud that glistens with resin.