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bell ringer cannabis feminized seeds

Joshua Ferry and Katelyn Huber, co-founders of CloudInsyte, stop by the podcast to discuss their move from New York City to Buffalo and how they’ve found the tech and startup community here. And of course, we also talk about our beloved Buffalo Bills.

Techstars has come to Buffalo with an entrepreneurial ecosystem development program, helping to continue our boom onto the national scene as a startup destination. Jack Greco is leading up the charge and on this podcast we discuss his path to the role and programming he hopes to implement. For any links mentioned, head to our blog for further information.

Coach Swaz

Nehru from Pitlochry

Championing the Buffalo Niagara region one bell ring at a time.

50 episodes! We want to sincerely thank every listener and guest over the past few years. Buffalo Niagara has a great story to tell, and we’re excited to use this platform to do so. For our 50th, we wanted to do something a bit different and special. A few weeks back we hosted a group of site selectors in town for a tour of Buffalo. This podcast is a compilation of their thoughts.

It’s a three-way cross between Pre-98 Bubba Kush, Hindu Skunk, and Stardawg. This strain that originally hails from Pacific Northwest is developed by Khush Kush. It does well in boosting the appetite and to knock you out. It is a rare strain with complex flavor and strong effects, so it’s best for experienced users. It can help them find relief from a long day of weariness and emotional baggage.

Insomnia and nausea can be overcome by this strain. It soothes pain and improves appetite. It is commonly used as a part of the treatment given to people with cancer, chronic pain, and spinal cord injury. Doctors prescribed this weed to individuals who under the inconvenience of seizures.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Bell Ringer?

It only leaves the common adverse reactions, which are cottonmouth and dry, red eyes.

It has an addictive flavor that is enhanced by a sweet and sour skunk, and the exhale is savory herbal. The aroma is a bit similar to the taste. Its buzzy cerebral effect can punch you to fall on hunger and sleepiness. It makes smokers sedated as it interrupts your focus. Even though you are in a hazy state, you will still find happiness and euphoria in smoking this strain.

This plant flourishes indoors and outdoors. To have a good yield, growers must be able to control the humidity and temperature. When you want to grow it outdoors, you have to be in a place with a warm and temperate climate. Once you get your hands on its seeds, better start the cultivation for a bushy plant.