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autoflowering cannabis seeds vs regular

Beginners prefer autoflower seeds because it is easier and the seeds are less sensitive to external conditions (fungi, temperature fluctuations). After all, the plants grow by themselves so you hardly have to worry. Moreover, you can harvest faster and more often.

Autoflower seeds

Advantages of feminized seeds

What’s better: feminized or autoflower seeds?

When a light cycle of 12 / 12 is applied

Advantages of autoflowering seeds

Medium to large

Feminized cannabis seeds are seeds specially grown to eliminate male chromosomes. In short, with feminized seeds you grow a female cannabis plant. Exactly what most growers want, because only the female cannabis plant provides smokable buds (weed!).

The simple lighting demands of autoflowering strains serve as another advantage. As we mentioned above, they don’t require a change in light schedule to begin flowering. This trait allows growers to be extremely flexible with lighting.

Cultivators can also maximise yields by using the sea of green (SOG) technique. This method involves planting numerous autoflowers in close proximity and manipulating them to converge into one large, productive canopy.

What makes autoflowering cannabis different from other types? Well, the key difference resides in the name. Put simply, these strains flower automatically.


The brevity of autoflowers also appeals to cultivators who grow under pressure. They can support faster turnover for commercial operations, allowing for perpetual harvests indoors.

Here are a few of the fastest autoflowers around:

You can easily grow autos on balconies and in hidden locations in your garden. They’re also popular among guerrilla growers—cultivators that grow cannabis in hidden public or wild locations. This method helps to keep crops out of sight and hidden from thieves.

The ruderalis subspecies adapted to the cold and often harsh environments of Central Asia, Eastern Europe, and Russia. These regions feature a considerably shorter growing season and colder temperatures.

Hermaphroditic plants, a nightmare for growers, contain both pollen sacks and pistils. When a marijuana plant experiences stress (think the severe temperature fluctuations or sudden changes in lighting) their survival instinct kicks in. Under such conditions, the plant sees no possibility of fertilization anytime soon after which it resorts to a phenomenon called dichogamy.

When using colloidal silver, the likelihood of the seeds becoming hermaphroditic is minimal. This is because the female that produced the pollen barely has any genetic predispositions to become a hermaphrodite.

What are feminized seeds?

Also, there’s no hassle of meticulously verifying the sex of the plant during the flowering period. You plant the seeds, you nurture the plant, you receive nice and juicy buds.

Now that we got to the bottom of this once and for all, you have all the knowledge to make a well-informed decision on which type works best for your situation.

Autoflowering feminized seeds are fast-growing guaranteed feminized seeds.