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autoflowering cannabis seed reviews

Blueberry is an easy-to-grow plant that thrives indoors as well as outdoors. The height of the plant will be short, around 32 inches , and you will get a good amount of buds. As it contains Ruderalis genetics, flowers will be ready to be harvested in only 8 weeks.

You can smoke this weed through a bong or a blunt to wake up your creative senses. You can feel the initial head buzz that settles down and provide you with soothing body stone effects. Unless you take it in a higher dosage, it won’t get you couch-locked.


Autoflower, feminized, and regular are the three main varieties of marijuana seeds. Every one of them has significant benefits. Regular strains can get you pure landrace feelings, while feminized strains will get you more flowers and more seeds from your crop.

Purple Stilton is crossed between Blue Cheese, Purple #1, Auto #1, and Ruderalis. All these fantastic strains are blended to produce a classic body stone.

You can grow this Indica-dominant plant indoors and outdoors and get really impressive yields. The strain holds around 15-20% THC content and 0-1% CBD content, making it a dual-purpose strain for recreational as well as medical users.

Auto seeds have a shorter growing cycle and require less space.

20% sativa and 80% indica , it doesn’t take long to start feeling the effects of Amnesia High, as they set in within 10 or 15 minutes. You’ll know when you start to feel them, though, as you’ll become noticeably energetic and giggly.

Be prepared to shell out for good auto seeds!

Auto Weed Seeds FAQs

This will vary depending on the strain, but in most cases an autoflowering version takes 8- 10 weeks.

This is faster than most regular seed strains, so if you’re in a hurry then autoflowering seeds are definitely the way to go.

That’s good to hear for me personally!

Ultimately, finding the best auto seeds, like when you buy any cannabis seeds , will largely be a matter of personal preference. Having said that, though, we think at least one of the 10 strains mentioned above will be perfect for most smokers!

If you want something to take the edge off, then heavily indica-dominant Blueberry auto seeds are the perfect choice. This 80% indica option is fantastic for unwinding after a long, stressful day.