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autoflower cannabis seeds south africa

We at Cannabis Seeds South Africa is focused on working with only the best cannabis seeds available today. We have got quite an awesome powerhouse selection for you to choose from. We have tried our best to get a selection of old classics like Northern Lights, White Widow, Sour Diesel, and so on, and that mixed up with some of the newer hybrid varieties on the market today. So the chances are great that we will have the seeds you are looking for in stock. So you don’t have to wait anymore, simply buy cannabis seeds online with us.

From the USA Cannabis Seeds South Africa has got the amazing Cali Connection. Now you can grow that Cali weed at your own home. Cali Connection is also a very famous seed company and some of the best in the world. Cali Connection brings to the table some of that classic famous and original American strains like Girl Scout Cookies, Green Crack, and Bubba Kush. Cannabis Seeds South Africa currently only have photoperiod feminized seeds from Cali Connection but we want to get some autoflower seeds as well. Shop Cali Connection South Africa with us today.

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Sweet Seeds is also a top-notch breeding company. Sweet Seeds is also rated under the top 10 seed companies worldwide. Cannabis Seeds South Africa have 33 Sweet Seeds strains available to the South African growers. The seeds from Sweet Seeds also does very well in South African climates and grows well outdoors too. Cannabis Seeds South Africa have from Sweet Seeds, photoperiod feminized seeds, autoflower seeds, and CBD seeds. Have a look and see what awesome purple-colored strains we have from Sweet Seeds. Don’t hesitate to get your Sweet Seeds from Cannabis Seeds South Africa today. Sweet Seeds South Africa.

From Royal Queen Seeds we have photoperiod feminized seeds, autoflower seeds, and CBD Seeds. Get your Royal Queen Seeds today. If you want to grow outdoors Royal Queen Seeds is just a must! Royal Queen Seeds South Africa.

However, with cannabis autoflowering seeds, the change from growth to flower happens when the cannabis strain reaches a certain age. This can be anything between 10 weeks and 100 days depending on the genetics of your autoflowering marijuana seeds. This gives you a greater opportunity to have multiple harvests throughout the year.

Basically, the breeders have started to breed the original cannabis strain back into the autoflower cross. This makes the Rudirallis gene less predominant in the plant. Meaning the plant will have higher THC value than the normal autoflower. Helping provide higher yields from the strain and keeping the autoflower properties from the Ruderallis gene.

Our 10 Best Auto Flower Strains & Where To Find Them In South Africa

The best place to find Pineapple express autoflower seeds is at Trophy seeds. You can check their prices here.

Cannabis plants normally need a change of season, or hours exposed to direct UV light in order to change from vegetative growth to flowering stage.

Originating here in sunny South Africa on the East coast, Durban poison is a world-renowned Cannabis strain. Now cross-breeding these genetics with Ruderalis we have Durban poison Auto flower.