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auto cbd haze cannabis seeds

Medical cannabis users will fall in love with Auto CBD Haze. This strain has very low THC but has unbelievable amounts of CBD. It can relax the body and keep you on track with different tasks at hand. This outdoor hybrid is perfect for people who need help with insomnia, pain, and anxiety, minus any unwanted side effects.

The Perfect Upgrade To A Medicinal Plant

Auto CBD Haze is a cross between Haze XXL Autoflowering and a CBD strain. This hybrid completely upgrades both strains by increasing its CBD content making it very enticing for the medical marijuana community. With low levels of THC, this strain does not have the psychoactive properties that some are not fond of.

With its sweet, earthy, and pine flavor, this strain offers a focused relaxing effect for the body while also uplifting the mind helping it focus more on the task at hand. Auto CBD Haze is great marijuana to grow outdoors, where it grows up to 1.2 meters.

One would highly recommend smoking this weed during the day where the uplifting effects can do wonders for work while at night, it allows a relaxing experience making sleep very attainable. Calming and soothing, this hybrid is a good recommendation for those who are not a fan of high THC marijuana.

Additional Information

Nonetheless, consuming Sativa-dominant cannabis could result in a nerve-jangling sensation for some people, similar to drinking too much coffee. The high level of THC it typically contains also contributes to the potential for overstimulation. This is where CBD comes in. Cannabidiol is not psychoactive; therefore, it does not make one high. In addition, it can be more effective than THC in alleviating certain medical conditions.

This CBD-enriched hybrid delivers a mellower high than usual. The cerebral effect is alert yet relaxed, letting you get on with your daily routine in a normal manner. Instead of hallucinations or stone – the two extremes that many people have come to expect with regards to marijuana – all you will experience is a mental sharpness coupled with a deep sense of contentment.

Adverse Reactions

Containing even more CBD (up to 14%) is Auto Kush CBD Fem. As part of the Kush family, it has the distinctive sour and fuel-like aroma of its cousins. Predominantly a Sativa, it promotes energy and motivation. But since it is an autoflower, it matures much more rapidly than regular Sativas and is simpler to grow.

Sativa varietals, especially those that are part of the Haze family, have many health benefits that are well-established in the medical marijuana community. Unlike Indicas, they do not cause lethargy and couch-lock. Instead, they have an energizing effect that increases mental awareness and focus. Adults with attention deficit disorder (ADD) are particularly good candidates for this type of strain.

Furthermore, this strain engenders openness and sociability. It is suitable for task force meetings at work, as well as a night out with friends. Your companions may notice some increased chattiness on your part, but the flow of your ideas will be creative and meaningful.