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The smaller plants and shorter flowering periods that you get with the best autoflowering strains mean that growers will get a modest, but reliable harvest. You can absolutely get larger plants using other, non-auto seeds, but for new growers who want to keep their lighting needs simple can go this route and expect many harvests each year.

You can buy autoflower weed seeds online that will grow anywhere in the USA. Try a few of our all-time favorite options such as Auto Gorilla Glue #4 or Auto White WIdow Fem which are both rated as being very easy to grow. With the level of flexibility that these seeds have to offer, you can grow indoor autoflower seeds or outdoor autoflower seeds. Auto seeds will generally mature in 10 weeks, from the time germinated seeds get planted. This enables growers, whether indoors or outdoors, to generate multiple crops per season. Autos are also prime candidates to play with pruning techniques, because they progress quickly through the veg stage, and they don’t have huge number of branches to begin with, so the workload is easy to keep up with if you have a commercial grow room with hundreds or thousands of plants that need hands-on attention.

Auto Critical Fast Bud Fem

After you have chosen the right strain of auto flowers, or the best combination of marijuana strains for your home grow, simply click on the quantity of each that you require. We sell a pack of 4 seeds if you just want to try one out, but you will find the better value prices come in to play when you buy 8, 10, or 20 seeds at a time. Select your preferred shipping method and proceed to the checkout. You will then see several payment options that you can choose from including Automatic Banks Transfer, Bitcoin, or simply cash in the mail. We serve an array of customers with different needs and different values, so please let us know how we did after your order has been fulfilled. If you have questions or concerns about your seed order, please contact our customer care team by phone or email.

One of the biggest questions of debate within a grower’s own mind is ”when should I start flowering my marijuana plants?” The flowers are ultimately the most valuable part of the plant, containing the most cannabinoids. The easiest way for new growers to avoid the struggle with this internal debate is to buy high quality certified auto-flowering seeds that will begin the flowering cycle all on their own!

If you are looking for the best lights to use for growing autoflower plants indoors, we have a few suggestions to consider. Given that the auto strains don’t typically get very tall, growers will want the freedom to lower their lights so they are about 1.5-2.5 feet above the canopy for LED lights (3-4 feet with HID or HPS lighting set ups). If cost savings are your primary objective, use LED or even CF (Compact Fluorescent) light for your autoflower plants. If your goal is maximum yield regardless of energy usage, growers should invest in High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights for the vegging stage and High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lights for the flowering stage. These options offer the maximum wattage power and best spectrum for developing the auto plant to its full potential.

Amsterdam Seed Center has got her focus on the best seeds that the cannabis market offers you. Our seeds are always fresh and kept refrigerated. This allows us to offer you not just autoflower seeds, but the best and most high-quality seeds. Amsterdam Seed Center sells seeds from well-known brands (including Barneys Farm, Dutch Passion, Greenhouse Seeds, Paradise Seeds, Dinafem and Royal Queen Seeds), but also seeds from smaller and (still) more unknown seedbanks. Our range consists of more than 1500 different types of cannabis seeds. So, there will always be a strain that suits your needs. Would you like to receive personal advice? Visit our physical store in Amsterdam! All your questions about autoflower seeds will be answered. Do you not live in The Netherlands and did you not book a trip to this amazing country? You can also contact us by e-mail or phone.

Many (still) inexperienced growers choose to grow autoflower seeds, because of their unique genetics. These have many advantages, such as:

By growing outdoors, the autoflower seeds will be more exposed to diseases, fungi and pests. Fortunately, the amount of Ruderalis in the plant ensures that they are resistant to this.

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Growing autoflowering seeds is perfect for those who live in countries with colder weather and short (and relatively cold) summers. For example, in The Netherlands, Germany, The United Kingdom and Belgium. Autoflowering plants are cold weather-resistant and do not mind growing under artificial light. Compared to autoflowering strains, regular strains will experience stress during the ‘’dark periods’’ of artificial lights.

Our autoflowering strains are extremely popular. We offer a huge range of strains and can imagine that it is hard for you to decide which one(s) to choose. To make it easier for you, we made a top 5 of our most popular autoflowering strains:

Sativa-rich strains are very interesting for the ScrOG method (Screen-Of-Green method). With this method, the plants are guided along a low stretched grid (made of mesh). Growers use this method to make sure that the beautiful buds will remain at a safe distance of the lamps. In addition, more buds will grow on the plants, which are also larger due to the ScrOG method. As said before, the most important benefit of autoflower cannabis seeds are the fact that they will grow indoors and outdoors as well without regarding to light. This is determined genetically. Autoflower plants will start to grow if they reach a certain age. Generally, this is within 2 till 4 weeks. This is called a ‘’timecycle’’. Although autoflowering strains do not rely on light, more buds will grow if they do get enough light. Most of the time it is possible to harvest the buds already after 10 weeks. Many growers choose to grow autoflowering plants with 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness. They also often choose to grow them with 20 hours of light and 4 hours of darkness. The first option will save you more energy, because less light is needed.

It is possible to grow autoflowering strains indoors as well as outdoors. This choice is completely up to you. You can choose which way suits your personal situation and space the best.

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When it comes time for Autos, Seedsman knows them well, in fact we were the world’s first seed bank to sell autoflowering strains. Now through 28th June, we’re offering 3 for the price of 2 packs on top selling brands including Seedsman, Barney’s Farm, FastBuds, Dutch Passion and many more. Just look for the “3 for 2” icon for all products on offer. Have a question about the offer? READ MORE

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Straightforward to grow maintain, and harvest – autoflowers are genetic powerhouses that eradicate many of the issues faced by photoperiodic strains – perfect for beginners to experts and everything in between. With 3 packs for the price of 2, there’s never been a better time to add autoflowers to your collection.