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are cannabis seeds legal in hawaii

For people living in Hawaii, marijuana seeds are difficult to come by. Many customers turn to Pacific Seed Bank because they know our premium selection is trustworthy and of the highest quality. Hawaii is actually a great place to grow cannabis because of the weather conditions, it gets the perfect amount of rain and sunshine all year long. Cannabis plants thrive best in conditions that are both wet (to gain as much moisture as possible) and sunny. You’d do well to grow your cannabis plants outside—just as long as you do so away from the public eye. We’re not quite sure how many cannabis plants you’re legally allowed to have per household as it varies from state to state. A private yard or fenced area would likely be best for outdoor cannabis plants in Hawaii.

Well, yes and no. Depending what kind of marijuana you’re talking about. If you want to buy marijuana seeds in Hawaii, that’s totally fine! No medical marijuana card, paperwork, or documentation needed. If you suffer from a medical condition and have a valid marijuana card, then it’s legal. The state of Hawaii legalized medical marijuana in July 2000. Originally, the law allowed patients to grow their own plants, up to 7 per household, but did not allow dispensaries to be opened. But then, in 2015, an additional law passed that permitted the use of dispensaries, and now, medical cannabis is for sale on all islands.

Is Marijuana Legal In Hawaii?

Split into two distinctive types, marijuana seeds were originally either Sativa or Indica in origin. While Sativa’s produce a euphoric and sometimes energizing ‘high’, Indica varieties have more of a calming and pain relieving effect on the body. Many of the commonly purchased and popular varieties contain elements of both types of marijuana, producing a variety of effects and uses for many medical conditions.

Choosing the right strains and seeds for your needs may require a little time, we offer a selection of medical strains with high and increased CBD levels, as well as potent recreational varieties with elevated THC levels. How, and where you’re going to plant the seeds should be considered before you buy marijuana seeds in Hawaii online, while most strains will grow and flower outdoors, some are more adapt than others, and selected the right seeds for either indoor or outdoor growing can make a huge difference to the overall potency and yield from your crop.

Growing marijuana outdoors in Hawaii is the most favored option, cheap, easy to begin and permitted for all registered users and patients who can plant and cultivate up to seven marijuana plants at any one time. With a selection of stable, high quality strains, you can buy marijuana seeds in Hawaii online and enjoy guaranteed delivery, germination and the highest levels of customer care and support. Shipped direct from I Love Growing Marijuana, one of the leading marijuana seed producers and online suppliers, you can buy Marijuana seeds in Hawaii online and enjoy free, guaranteed delivery. Hand selected and packaged using the very best ‘stealth’ postage methods, all out seeds are 100% guaranteed to arrive, germinate and produce the finest plants and buds.

Buy Feminized Medical Marijuana Seeds In Hawaii

Hawaii implemented it’s medical marijuana program in 2000, allowing registered patients to cultivate up to seven plants and possess four ounces of dried bud. With a wide selection of qualifying conditions and ailments, and with over 14,000 patients already registered, becoming a patient isn’t that difficult, and it’s the safest way to legally grow and buy marijuana seeds in Hawaii.

Unlike northern located states, Hawaii enjoys a more even yearly weather pattern, with only a small variation in temperature and light hours from Summer through to Winter. This yearly average of twelve hours of light and darkness provides the perfect climate for growing long-flowering Sativa dominant strains that were originally native to countries located near the equator. Indica dominant varieties generally prefer a more distinctive change in light hours to produce their best harvests, while autoflowering seeds generate their biggest harvests when given longer hours of light. If you decide to start growing your own weed, make sure you buy Marijuana seeds that are right for your needs and climate.

Although possession and cultivation of marijuana is illegal for recreational purposes, Hawaii does have an active and operational medical marijuana program that permits registered patients to possess and grow a limited number of marijuana plants for medicinal purposes. If you want to legally buy marijuana seeds in Hawaii, we offer a selection of high quality seeds and strains with a variety of taste’s, aroma’s and effects.

Feminized seeds offer the best value for money, guaranteeing female plants every time. As residents are only permitted to grow seven plant either indoors or on their land, ensuring that each plant is a pure female is of the utmost importance. Only female marijuana plants produce buds and cola’s, males produce and release pollen to fertilize them, creating seeds for the following season. If you want to produce buds and cola’s devoid of any seeds, buy Marijuana seeds in Hawaii from our medical feminized collection, remember to select indoor or outdoor strains depending on your growing methods and techniques.